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  • Debbie Baisden

When You Don't Want to Workout

Today I did not want to workout. I woke up dragging and unmotivated. I knew I *should* workout but the motivation was nonexistent. If you think I just live to sweat, it's a no. Most times I enjoy it and I see it as necessary as tooth brushing, but sometimes starting is the hardest part. Do you ever have those days (or weeks) where exercise seems like a burdensome chore?

Here are 8 tips for making a workout happen when it's the last thing you wanna do (it worked for me this morning and my sweat is drying as I type): 1. Write down that you are going to exercise on your To Do list or calendar so that you can cross it off. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing off an accomplishment! 2. The night beforehand, set out everything you will need for the following day's workout. Getting started is usually the biggest challenge, so get your water bottle, mat, weights, hair tie, shoes, socks, and sports bra ready. Be sure to put these where they will be in your way as a visual reminder to get it done. 3. Find a motivating quote or Bible verse that inspires and encourages you. Have this on display in your house or as your phone's wallpaper. Sometimes we just need that little reminder. 4. Remember your WHY. WHY does working out even matter to you? Is it because you want to get leaner/stronger/confident? Maybe you want more energy or you want the pants to fit. This helps turn that light bulb back on and think, "Oh yeah, this is why I don't want to skip my workout." 5. Play music. Maybe you want to create a playlist or find your favorite station. Upbeat music will get you excited to move! 6. Give yourself permission to stop after 5 minutes. Mobility is everything, so the goal is to be active. If you want to quit after 5 minutes, walk away without regret. Chances are you'll stick it out for longer. 7. Reward yourself. Tell yourself, "If I workout, then _______." Incentive makes things fun! Maybe you'll read when you're done, or enjoy a hot bath, or paint your nails. 8. Text me. Having accountability is EVERYTHING. Going solo means it's so easy to justify skipping workout after workout. But knowing you have to tell someone you're doing it, and they are checking in to see if you are doing it, this is the game changer. You'll have more success with reaching your workout goal if I'm waiting for your text. You can click HERE for more information about that. So which one is helping you get that next workout in? Because the feeling of I DID IT is priceless and euphoric!


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