Meet Lucy

"I lost a total of 34.5 inches. I stayed the course even when I didn't feel like it...I have lost 9 pounds. But I have gained so much more...confidence in myself that I CAN make positive changes...I CAN do hard things, I CAN say NO to dessert (and feel good about it). I like feeling good from proper nutrition and exercise and rest AND nothing tastes as good as feeling healthier feels!!!"

Now, let me back up and share Lucy's introduction at the BEGINNING of our challenge:

"Hi! Tired, stressed, over-fat, previous challenge flunkie...I am tired of feeling like crap and tired of not being my best self...somewhere along the way I forgot to care for myself, and my outward appearance and level of energy show it. I am committed to feeling better and if that makes me look better I'll take that too (it's been a while since I felt pretty). So lay it on me Debbie, I am ready for this challenge!"

6 weeks later, Lucy shared with us:

"First off, I am in shock.  This challenge has allowed me to feel comfortable again in public and allowed me to step out of that comfort zone and try new things...I am proud of myself and that is something I didn't think I would ever feel again. I have definitely gained so much more than I have lost during this past 6 weeks. I appreciate ALL of you and Debbie I am so grateful for you and how you inspire women everyday to be the best version of themselves!!!"

Meet Shawn

"If you told me in October that I would be saying I lost 21” in eight weeks I would have told you you’re crazy 😳



Thank you to this beautiful group of real, supportive women. Also I owe an extra shoutout to my mama Dianna for being a living breathing FWD lifestyle billboard for showing that this lifestyle is realistic and works. Can’t wait to take this momentum into 2020 and get even stronger!"

"This week I’ve reflected a lot on what continuing this style of living means to me and it came back to a phrase our pastor used to say “long obedience in the same direction”. It’s not about being perfect or a big list of things we can or can’t do. But rather a guide to keep you going in a direction that God has for you to be strong, healthy, and love yourself.  I remember crying when I took those first photos and now I am smiling thinking about the last ones 🥰"

Meet Michele

Here is Michele's 1 year progress --

she has dropped 57 inches & almost 40 pounds!  

I've tried so many diets, workouts, pills, etc...and had short term success but nothing lasting.  I needed a plan and I needed someone to tell me what to do.  Well, Debbie makes it easy for us! 

Change is possible (and it's never too late to start!)

You can't put a price tag on good health

You don't have to be perfect. Progress is perfection!

I am more than a number!

I'm excited for year 2 and beyond!!

EVERY woman deserves to feel this way!  

If I can do this, ANYBODY can!

Meet Di

Check out Di's transformation from September 2018 to April 2020...two sizes down!!!!

"I love the interaction with y'all, and when I'm struggling I see others persevere and it inspires me....when I feel low I look back at where I was last year. It helps me look forward too."

" What works for that other girl isn’t gonna get me skinny. The way she gets fast results may only give me a little."

"Our physical selves only have a limited shelf life and we must care for them by not pouring junk into them all the time, working ourselves to much, stressing by torturing ourselves with the longings to be somebody else."

Check out Di's video testimonial by clicking HERE!

Meet Caitlin

Check out Caitlin's 6 month transformation!

I feel like a different person since May when I started these challenges. I had very low energy. I could maybe do 4 or 5 push ups. I had a chronic joint pain and had stopped lifting weights altogether because I was afraid of more pain. I could very easily get lost in making proper food choices and fell into a pattern of food guilt anytime I ate something “bad”.


I don’t feel that way anymore at all. I can eat a pizza and actually enjoy it and continue on with my life. I feel great and I have more energy. I don’t have the pain in my legs I used to get (or in my back from having a weak core). I have so enjoyed this group. Each one of you has inspired me and it has been a big encouragement in my life ... I look healthier and feel so much better. Love you ladies."

Meet Breanne

This career mom shared, "I lost a total of 19.25” and I did weigh and lost 10 lbs. Everything finally moved after a year + of nothing. Trust the process when you are 100% on it! "

Meet Elani

I’ve lost 9 lbs and I have gained much needed energy from this challenge.

Meet Patti

I lost a total of 13 1/2 inches ... I really enjoyed this program and looking forward to the next round. You ladies are so supportive and I loved reading everyone's posts with progress or being real about life.

Meet Mary

In 5 months of "Debbie's challenges" she has lost over 36 inches!

Meet Terri

19.5 inches lost and I am ecstatic! I also lost 7 lbs but was more focused on the measurements. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Meet Mary Hunter

So holy cow! I just measured twice...I’ve lost a total of 18.75 inches!! So glad we are measuring and not just going by silly numbers on a scale! ❤️ feeling stronger and craving more exercise.

Have loved the accountability factor- loved being a part of this group of women who all have goals to better themselves to be healthier- I now know that I am making better choices when on the road, focusing more on water and exercise more consistently and not feeling like it takes a ton of time to see change!  realizing my metabolism is not the same as it used to but that it can be reset!

Meet Me, Fit With Deb!

Change is possible!  Never buy in to the lie that you are too far gone or that it's too late!  I hated salads and avoided sweat until my tight pants revolted.

Too stubborn to buy new clothes, I was on a mission to permanently transform my body with better habits.

I thrive on helping women look and feel their best using current research and experience as a fat-loss expert.


"I am so happy I met you ladies and this has be the best experience. I never could have been successful without you ladies. Thank you. I remember taking my photos in October and being mortified. My husband took them and I was embarrassed. I felt gross inside and out. Now 8 short weeks later I feel like a new person. I am down 11.75 inches and my head and gut are clean. I truly can’t wait to continue this journey with you ladies. This has been life changing for me. I cant wait to continue with you in January." - Shelly


I’ve lost 13”. The biggest win was “shopping” in my closet. I’ve added 2 jeans, 3 work/dress pants, and a pair of shorts back into my wardrobe! It’s a lifestyle and it’s a choice. I choose to be healthy and happy and to continue the journey.


When I decided to participate in this challenge, I was frustrated with where I was health wise, and so ready for a change!!


This group was exactly what I needed.  I also know I wouldn’t have handled it this well if it wasn’t for all of you and this group. I lost a total of 12 3/8 inches which is crazy to me.  Looking forward to the next challenge in January!


Loved this challenge! Total loss was 5.5”, and I am proud of that! What I learned...a mishap doesn’t have to mean failure - get back on the wagon! Also, limiting desserts to one per week (which I did five of eight weeks) doesn’t feel like deprivation - it’s control. Loved the challenge and all you ladies!


I'm down 16.5 inches and 8 lbs.  I'm thrilled to see a little difference.  I've changed how I think about myself!  I can do this!  I am worth it! I'm not giving up -- so excited for the next challenge.  


I had been back in the gym a few months working my tail off and eating right, but was seeing little to no progress and was so frustrated!  When a sweet friend introduced me to this, I remember thinking... I'll try anything at this point and her 20 min exercise time and obvious results seems so much more appealing than my hour+ with none.

I am encouraged to keep going and enjoyed so much spending time with you ladies!


Total loss of 23.75 inches 


"16.5 inches down for this challenge and feeling amazing!

Thanks for the encouragement along the way, ladies!"

Update: "I actually felt confident in the pictures of myself.  I can feel a difference in my body and it makes a difference in how I see myself in pictures."


I have lost 20 inches. I feel more in control of my health. I love Debbie’s challenges because they are not overwhelming and don’t make me feel bad about myself. Instead they focus on making me better one step at a time.


I feel like this challenge has been a good eye-opener for how I need to treat myself - schedule my time for workouts and walks; do a meal plan and plan snacks! I agree with whoever said it earlier that it's really about mindset. After doing this challenge, I KNOW I can take care of myself and my family. I KNOW I can drink my water, that I can workout hard, and that rest is important. I also LOVE the workouts that are only 15 minutes!!! Effective and efficient. I feel that this challenge really has been the reset I've needed to get my mind and body in a better place to continue on this journey of health and life!


I lost a total of 14.75” husband said he could totally see it as he was taking my pictures this morning and I didn’t laugh til hysteria this time...I FEEL SO DIFFERENT!!!! Been an amazing experience!! I am sad this particular group is over though!! A special thank you to those who have been so encouraging!!! I’ve enjoyed our group!!


What an amazing journey with your ladies. I have really learned to put time in for me. During these 6 weeks I have had graduation, birthday parties, taking card of parents, hospice for my Dad, kids sleepovers and everyday schedules. But I kept telling myself life is a busy roller coaster and I have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with all of these ups and downs. Eating healthy, exercise, water, sleep, walking all play into taking care of ME. And taking care of me is better for everyone who I take care of daily. I feel better! The inches that came off were 11.5. So really can't believe I lost that much!


I have lost a total of 19 inches. I have felt so much better with the workouts and eating healthy and getting in all my water. Love the way it feels when I put on a pair of jeans and they slip on easier." NINETEEN inches. From moving, eating, and hydrating!!!!

Meet Jennifer B

I lost 15 inches...feel good about what I did!!  I enjoyed the challenge and loved you ladies!  

Meet Parrish



29" lost in 3.5 months -- what?!?

"Thank you for giving me the tools and the encouragement..."

Meet Jennifer L

This has really become a lifestyle shift for me.  My cravings are gone, my energy level is high, and I cannot believe how much progress I've made in just a short time.  Overall, I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks and a total of 22 1/4 inches!  Never in a million years did I think I could have such a huge transformation in such a short time.

Meet Sara

This challenge was really great for me.  My mantra this challenge was NO EXCUSES!!  I was able to reach for those veggies or fruit instead of chips.  And go for the water instead of the soda.  I'm down 29.1 inches overall!

Meet Ronda

Accountability is everything for me so that's why I think I was more successful than I would normally have been.  I really enjoyed meeting new people and the encouragement in the group!  I was surprised to see I am down 5" and 4.5lbs!!!

Meet Jenn S



She has dropped 13.25 inches in 3.5 months -- whoa!!!

What I got out of this challenge:

1. I met a tribe of women from all over -- that's really cool.  

2.  I am now in a rhythm of working out.

3.  I am definitely sleeping better!


I'm carrying 9.75 less inches of stress and grief


Toni shared, "I really enjoyed this challenge. It has given me more energy and made me stronger." She dropped 8 inches.


Want to know why Connie is "looking forward to the next challenge"? Because she erased 14.25 inches like a boss.


Total loss 7 1/2 inches!! I can lift heavier weights than I thought and I am reminded that this is a slow and steady lifetime process that I am committed to.


I have lost 4 3/4 inches and 10 pounds and was very compliant during this challenge. I feel great! I have been going to the gym at least 3 or 4 days a week. I definitely have gained weight in muscle and feel stronger. My diet had completely changed and I love it. My cravings are down and I have so much more energy. This new lifestyle is becoming easier and easier. Thank you so much for all of the support.


I lost 3.5 inches overall.   I just bought 12 pound and 15 pound weights as my 10’s were just getting too easy these last 2 weeks so I feel like that is a total win! I went down 0.5% in body fat ...  I enjoyed the Bible verses and looked forward to those each week.


I lost a total of 4.5 inches...I'm most proud of drinking water or BCAAs...Another win was giving myself permission to rest...I'm excited about the next challenge.


3 inches lost! This is HUGE for me. What have I learned? To be a conscious eater, drink more water, move more and that I do not need refined sugar every day.


for the inches I lost 12.5 ... this support system of a group has helped me stay on track... I'm excited to keep going and for the next challenge!

Heather M

I've lost a total of 8.5 inches... I've also had less breakouts and overall my complexion looks so much better... Definitely looking forward to the next round.

Heather H

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to join the group.  I have gained a ton of new good habits... 20 inches I have lost in 40 days... I am motivated and have additional energy.  This was the jumpstart I needed to get moving and healthy!  I appreciate all of the motivation...


I lost a total of 20 inches... and I feel so much better.  One goal I had was fitting into a pair of shorts that I was gonna have to donate.  But now I don't have to donate them.  I definitely plan on doin the next challenge with all of you guys!

Meet Faye

I have done these challenges for years and years... I lost 3.25 inches overall...I count this as a success...

Meet Carri

I've lost 5.25 inches...exactly what I needed to prepare for this role, a.k.a. "Faux leather leggings fit me" ha ha.

Meet Brenda

My husband was so proud of me.  The biggest takeaway for me was seeing that even if I failed, if I jumped back up and carried on I could still see results.  In the past I would have let that failure send me into a binge.  I lost 13 inches and that makes me so happy.

Meet LaRae

16.5 inches.  I WAS honest with myself. I WAS given grace.  I WAS human. I WAS supported, and I WAS HAPPY!  This group has been amazing and uplifting.

Meet Darcie

I just have to admit I do not enjoy working out...Debbie has always said to me to aim for 80%.  

I like where I have come since joining the challenges.

Meet Alaina

I lost 13 inches...I can feel a difference in my confidence, my skin, my endurance, and in my body. This group means so much and the honesty, the support and the strong women behind this group is what makes me feel loved, normal, and challenged.


 I have to admit, the first challenge I did with Debbie was the best I've felt since having kids...These challenges are GOLD... it really is amazing the support you get in these challenges and you feel like family by the end!


This is the first time I've actually seen a consistent loss each week.  I like how my body feels.

21.25 total inches lost.

I've don't have to eat 100% perfect all the time!  I'm also so proud of myself...


 I love Debbie’s encouragement that I can do hard things


Have lost around 20 inches and gained so much more!!

Meet Denise

I feel much better, my clothes are fitting better, and the math shows I lost 9 inches total.  This challenge has taught me to focus more on sleep and recess.  I have been greatly inspired by the encouragement and uplifting of this group!

Meet Kyndall

(January to July transformation)

I honestly can't even imagine going back to being as big as I was...I was always tired and had no energy.  Now I'm full of energy...and I feel so much more confident with myself!!!




It's amazing how freeing it was to have my cheat meal and dessert guilt free.  It's like following a financial budget and you have a category for "free money."  When you spend it, there is no guilt because you know it's in the budget...Wow!!  Freedom is the goal.  True freedom for me is not being controlled by my every temptation of food.  To be able to say no so I can say yes when I really want to!

7.5 inches lost...This challenge has given me accountability with grace...that progress no matter how small is still progress...that I am not alone in my struggles.  It has given me a doable framework for long-term healthy habit-forming changes.


I gained so much in making healthy choices and looking at this as a way of life and not just a challenge.  Thanks Debbie for being a great coach and for all of you ladies for being inspiring!


I lost 12.25"...I feel I have made a lifestyle change that is realistic and manageable.  I would not have done this well without the daily inspiration of everyone in this group!


I lost 20 inches total! No wonder I feel so much better in my clothes!  This challenge has led me on a positive path to get where I'd like to be.  It has truly started me getting back to better. I've found a connection with the food I put into my body and the way I feel.  

Meet Beth

I lost a total of 14.5 inches.  I feel rejuvenated when I had been in a funk for a while. 

Meet Martha

Getting all of my water in each day no longer feels like a chore.  I have lost a total of 18.25 inches.  I feel so much better and stronger.

Meet Ashley

I'm glad I took some time for myself to try to focus on caring for my body.  

Meet "Miss A"

I have lost 17.5"!  I am so very excited and proud of myself.  I joined to challenge myself and make a change in my lifestyle.  And, I've done that so in my eyes I am a winner!  This challenge has educated me on how much of an impact eating clean, exercising, self-care and managing stress can have on improving my mental and physical health.  The amazing part is it didn't feel difficult. I never felt like I was being deprived.  This is the best I have felt in years.  Looking forward to the next challenge!

Meet Mandy

I lost 24 inches!!!  I've gone down a shirt and pant size!  Today I comfortably wore a pair of jeans -- all day -- that last year I could not button! I am so pleased with my progress and am most proud of myself for sticking with it...

Meet Jenny

I needed a change and a challenge.  This helped me get back on track and the encouragement to keep going.  I lost a total of 11.75 inches!  I can tell such a huge difference in how much stronger I am becoming.