Do you swear you’re eating “healthy," yet your exhausted body and plumper outline tell a different story?


Are you afraid that this body is as good as it’s going to get... as in, goodbye favorite jeans & slim-fitting tops and hello stretchy workout pants & baggy sweaters. Forever?! 


Do you sometimes look in the mirror and say mean things about yourself in your head?


You’re pretty sure it’s impossible to shed that extra fat layer that’s accumulated over the past few years anyway because nothing else seems to have worked for you - at least not in the long term. 


You’ve become the Pinterest Queen for “healthy, keto, vegan, paleo recipes,” yet never get around to actually trying them? And who knows if they’re even healthy anyway?!


(Which all leaves you feeling deflated and more frustrated than fit.) 


Wrestling my pants daily, living on pasta, and lamenting over the size of my thighs


Years ago, I felt stuck. As an exhausted mom of 4, dinner was often an afterthought, exercise was nonexistent, and my pants were “shrinking.”


It was my own relentless quest to become comfortable in my own skin that was the driving force to create the most streamlined step-by-step plan of health success for busy women.  


I made some changes with what I ate and how I moved, got comfortable in my skin again, and felt in control - without giving up my beloved pizza & peanut butter cups!


And I want that for you too, friend.


  • You’re ready to lose those extra inches for good, but probably feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start...the rules of ‘dieting’ seem to change constantly!

  • You’re sick of picking up take-out food, but have no time to prepare “gourmet” meals for you & your family, let alone plan ahead for them.

  • You know you need to kick sugar to the curb and break up with junk food, for real this time!

  • Admittedly, you really don’t love exercising (or know the most effective way to workout), but you know you just need to get moving. No time, too busy, not fun, not motivated enough.

  • In fact, you’ve tried going to the gym with some consistency in the past, but you usually quit a month in because you don’t see results right away. 


The problem is, you’ve heard time and again that if you just motivate yourself enough, have more willpower, eat less and exercise more that the weight will *poof* come off. 

The TRUTH don't need more motivation (or Pinterest!) to achieve optimal health and wellness!


One that’s been painstakingly researched and put together by a fellow health-seeking woman who’s been in your shoes and knows what you’re going through. One who has followed the plan and made it stick - for good!


You need a plan that actually TEACHES YOU how to eat and move for optimal health!

Eat. Move. Repeat. One day at a time.

Imagine if you had meals planned for the entire month and could stroll into the grocery store right now, list in hand (or better yet, order it online) without actually planning a single thing? (Focusing on what you CAN eat, not what you SHOULDN’T eat.)


Now, imagine if your family actually ate every bite of those meals without complaining and you knew it was 100% good for them - because you learned what a healthy, balanced meal is!

Imagine if you could stop putting in hour upon hour at the gym? Why not sneak in a fun 20-minute workout while binge-watching your favorite show instead AND start seeing results immediately?!

Now, imagine if you stopped worrying about the number on the scale and started thinking about where to find smaller pants because yours are now loose for the first time in a long time?


How would it feel to stand naked at your mirror and beam with pride?

What if you found yourself with renewed energy - enough to get through your regular day AND keep up with the kids or grandkids? Yes please!


Welcome to your Fit + Fresh Membership

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I wanted to create something for busy moms just like ME because I’ve been there - and I get it. 

For the woman who is ready to say YES to herself (instead of staying at the bottom of the list of priorities).


This is also for the woman who is ready to say goodbye to exhaustion and cravings, and hello to energy and a body she loves. 

This is also for the woman who is ready to stop describing herself as soft, pudgy or “needing to lose that baby weight."

This is also for the woman who wants to feel truly happy and in control of her life and choices again. 


And it’s for the woman who is tired of using excuses (no time or energy or motivation) for why she feels miserable.

The menus, tools, resources and proven formula have worked for hundreds of women just like you to shed the inches without scales, counting calories or worse - following fad diets and crazy programs!


And the BEST part? It's FREE for 7 days!

Fit + Fresh


Body weight + dumbbell workouts for all fitness levels. 

Workouts are 10, 15, 20 minutes long so you can fit them in the nooks and crannies of your busy schedule.



I wanted to create something for busy moms just like ME because I’ve been there - and I get it. 

  • Enjoy monthly menus (with all the dairy-free, fat-loss friendly recipes), print-and-go grocery lists, workout videos, and Success Tracker! 

  • Four weeks of short, effective workouts that burn fat and boost your metabolism, including both written and full-length workout videos.

  • Monthly printable calendar to help you stay focused the whole month long, including our meal layout, workout schedule, hydration check, and more!

  • in our private Facebook group, you’ll get support, guidance, and community, along with tips, pictures, and hacks to stay on track throughout the entire month.


Not only do you get a new plan each month, but you ALSO get unlimited access to my entire catalog of 100’s of recipes, workouts, videos, tips and much more right at your fingertips... forever.


“I joined Fit + Fresh so I could have new workouts and recipes all the time.” - variety-loving F+F member


“I enjoy the accountability in this group!” - Angel, accountability-loving F+F member


“My biggest takeaway: sore muscles feel way better than ‘skinny’ ever did!! When I was skinny, I would have gotten sick by now. Instead, I am strong enough to do all the things!” - stronger F+F member


“I have been on every diet out there, and gained it all back… and then some. The Fit + Fresh membership has been a LIFELINE for me… especially during this very stressful time in my life. Thank you!” - Kelly, F+F member 

Try Fit + Fresh FREE for 7 days! 



Try Fit + Fresh FREE for 7 days! 





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The Fit + Fresh membership is NOT about perfection. But it is ALL about progress.


It’s about making small changes to your diet and lifestyle by implementing the menu plans, recipes, tips and tools that will actually work for you and your family. Remember, real life!


Then it’s about consistently doing them more, and more as your body responds - and you realize you’re at your goal!


Just think about how much $$ you waste each and every month on fast-food, your morning coffee order or that afternoon pick-me-up soda. 


Set aside the investment in yourself and let’s get going! 


(Besides... the first 7 days are FREE! There’s really no good excuse you can throw at me that’s gonna stick here.)



Eat. Move. Repeat. One day at a time.

Want instant access to your very own path of health success?

All you have to do is START.


Change is indeed possible, friends! And it is not that hard. No calorie counting, carb counting, measuring portions, magic pills/products, etc. I’m never hungry, I don’t feel deprived.

I feel like Debbie made the schedule of workouts just for me! Celebrating another 10.5” gone, for a total of 35”. I absolutely love the Fit with Deb lifestyle.



I have been on every diet out here and I gained it all back…and then some.  The Fit & Fresh Membership has been a LIFELINE for me. I just want to be healthy, vibrant, and STRONG.  I am well nourished with the meal plan and energized through the short, effective workouts I can do at home.

My husband knows my Fit & Fresh Membership is a nonnegotiable in the family budget.  Y’all go join right now!

- Kelly  

Having a plan is really helping my grocery bill. Who said being healthier is more expensive? I’ve been spending ½ as much on groceries. 

I was never consistent with exercise until I met Deb. Definitely a victory!



Frequently asked questions

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