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  • Debbie Baisden

How to Jump-Start Motivation!

What are you currently SO unmotivated to do right now? Exercise? Eat right? Grocery shop? Cook? I'll be honest, I'm a pretty lazy person. I just want to sit around and deep couch sit as often as I can. It's usually cooking that is my least-motivated thing, BUT I know it's super duper important. I want you to think right now about ONE task you're not motivated to do, and might even dread, in the "health" area. Maybe it's exercising, cooking, meal prepping, grocery shopping, avoiding drive-thrus, whatever. Be specific (don't just say, for example, "I'm not motivated to be healthy," because that means absolutely nothing). Okay, got your one thing?

Here are 5 ways to JUMP-START your MOTIVATION! And, by the way, motivation is a fleeting feeling, but that's not important right now. And let's think of this as easing your toes into a cold pool. This is basically the PREQUEL to your motivation (or, how to get motivated to get motivated).

1. Get Rest. That's right. Get enough sleep consistently. When you are well-rested, you will have more energy, clearer thinking, and (you guessed it) higher motivation. This costs zero dollars and is something that we love to do! Easy enough, right?

2. Help hormones. Huh? What I mean is this: eat right and exercise. Why? Because those help your hormones cooperate and you are energized, less stressed, less irritable, and (ding ding ding) more motivated! So if your goal is to grocery shop, you are more likely to grocery shop if you've been eating health foods instead of junk foods AND being active which boosts your mood and energy level.

3. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Be optimistic. When thinking about your ONE thing that currently lacks motivation, it's really important to shift your brain from negativity to positivity. Instead of thinking, "I hate squats. They are so hard. I'm so weak," we tell ourselves, "I am going to get my Brazilian butt today by squatting for just 5 minutes. I'm gonna feel so strong and empowered!" We must be intentional about what we are telling ourselves. What excites you? Which songs pump you up? Which Bible verses and quotes inspire you? Because I loathe grocery shopping, I often put in my headphones and blast my favorite music while filling my cart; instead of saying, "Gosh, I hate this chore," I say, "I can't wait to tune out the world and listen to techno while getting stuff that will nourish my family."

4. Ask why. Remember your ONE thing? Why is that important to get motivation for? Why does it matter? What are the benefits? If it's not meaningful, then you are less likely to get and stay motivated about it. I am not motivated to run. To me, it does not matter and it is not meaningful. So I would not say, "I want to be motivated to start running." Make sure your one thing isn't just another "I should _____."

5. Start small. I'm a fan of going at a snail's pace when beginning a new discipline. This prevents overwhelm and leads to a sustainable habit. If you want to start exercising, start with completing 1 workout a week for a month. Doesn't that feel less scary than going from zero to 4 workouts a week forever? To be motivated, let's set tiny goals with tiny action steps (and celebrate every inch of the way)! My husband often asks, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." I want to hear from you! Maybe your goal is in the fitness area. Maybe your goal is more in the nutrition realm. Did you know my Fit + Fresh Membership is just what you need? You have everything at your fingertips that will help motivation become discipline become habit! All you have to do is start! You can click here for all the details!

And I'd love to hear what your ONE THING is (or any questions you have), so be sure to email me to start a conversation with me!​​​​​​​​ ​​​​


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