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  • Debbie Baisden

Fabulous and 40 (and 50 and beyond)

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. When I hit the big 4-0 not too long ago and was like, "Ummm why is everything falling apart?!" Do you know what I'm talking about? Shoot, maybe you're 55 and thinking, "Girl, my body has been hijacked so good luck!"

Once we cross over the 40 hump, it's like we wake up in a new body, right? In our minds nothing has changed, but our body is like a stranger. We just can't pretend we are in our 20's. We start using words like "peri-menopause" and "menopause" (I hate those words and think the "M" word needs a makeover). We struggle with exercise and hormones and we can't even smell a donut without popping a button off our pants.

If you're in your 20's, just pretend none of this will happen to you, and carry on about your day.

If you're in your 30's, changes will come, so listen up.

If you're in your 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond....lean in close and let me ask you a few questions.

* Do you sometimes feel like your body has hit a brick wall?

* Are you worried you’ve spent your 20's and 30's so busy with life and work that now that you’re stuck with a body you hate?

* Do you feel old, even if in your heart, you just graduated from high school?

* Does everything you put on make you feel frumpy and undesirable?

---> Are you convinced you’ll never feel sexy again, much less try on a swimsuit because your body has given up trying?

---> Do you find yourself justifying food and trying to work it off later, only to find yourself discouraged?

---> Are all your “tricks” to lose a few pounds no longer working and you’re scared this is as good as you’re going to get?

---> Have hormones wreaked havoc on your body?

If you’re ready to have your energy back so you’re not walking around in a fog, if you want to stop looking at brownies and gaining weight, then I invite you to join me on a 12-week journey to getting your body back to one you love, no matter what your age or hormones or menopause are trying to throw at you.

During this 12-week FABULOUS AND 40 (and beyond) online program, I’ll be walking you through the 10 reasons your body no longer is cooperating with you. Yes, you can be in your 40's, 50's and beyond!

I'll share:

>>> The magic formula for how to eat and have the body you did 15 years ago

>>> Exercise videos perfect for you whether you haven’t exercised in years or you’re ready to take it to the next level and tone up your thighs, arms and tummy (all without causing pain in your joints)

>>> The ONE thing you’re doing right now that is absolutely sabotaging your weight-loss

>>>The counter-intuitive way to reverse the effects of menopause and how doing this ONE thing will affect your waistline

>>> The 3 reasons you feel out of control with eating & why your metabolism feels like it came to a screeching halt when you turned 40

>>> 3 reasons why what you’ve been doing and what your scale is telling you are ALL wrong

>>> How to boost your energy, crush cravings and lose that hungry feeling in 5 easy steps

>>> Everything you need to know about how the 3 big hormones are affecting your sleep, eating and weight loss

>>> Top 3 benefits of getting 8 hours of sleep and how to create a bedtime routine that keeps insomnia away

>>> And, how even if you’re doing everything right, you can fix the crazy hormones you lovingly joke about, so that you feel your best yet!

What to expect in our 12-Week

1. Weekly emails that educate how to balance hormones, stay active, re-energize, rev up the metabolism, conquer cravings, and lose inches with tips you can instantly use to feel your best yet.

You thought it was just your age causing you to feel crazy, right? Nope. It's not you. There is a whole science to the menopausal body with eating differently, exercising smarter, tackling hormones, and practicing rest-based living. Let's tackle menopause topics like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, low energy, weight gain, and the important hormonal factors. You're already young at heart, so let's not feel our age!

This is not a Facebook group. All content will be delivered to your inbox so you can go at your own pace!

2. Weekly education videos that teach how reverse-aging can be a reality starting right now.

3. Sample meal structure of how to lose inches in menopause + a grocery list of fat-burning foods (pssst it's not about eating less).

4. Individual Progress Monitor to chart your strategic progress of looking and feeling our best in our forties (and beyond), without ever stepping on a stupid scale.

5. 9 At-Home Full-Length Workout Videos for all fitness levels (no joint pain). The smarter way to get in shape in less time! I've never created workout videos this way.

6. 20 Ways to Practice Self Care to avoid looking (and feeling) like your grandma.

7. One-Time Personalized Food Journal Review: I'll assess what's causing problems with your nutrition and provide individualized feedback.

8. Printable Action Plan for walking, exercising, reducing stress, and eating for fat loss.

This online program is valued at over $600, but because I truly want you to FINALLY get your body to respond so that you see results, I've slashed that price to just $159.97 (a savings of over $440!), Hurry, this offer ends soon!

"Fabulous and 40" is a 12-week digital program, not a group program. You will receive weekly communication to the email used with purchase.

On day 7 of the program, Katherine messaged, "I'm feeling SO great! My pants are getting loose and I've already lost almost 6 lbs!"

Find out why Sally shared, "My 'go to' skirt for dressy occasions is now too big. I have worn it for years."

Uncover the secrets like Miss A did: "My body composition has changed, I rest, I relax, I walk and I am making a mental shift."

Be like Lisa who happily proclaimed, "I just zipped up pants that have been on the 'skinny' side of my closet (y'all know what I'm talking about) and they fit comfortably. Before I couldn't even pull them up over my hips much less zip them. I've learned so much from our 12 week program."

You know what I learned myself as I researched and applied this in my own life?

* I learned how to eat for fat loss at my age.

* I discovered how to exercise around discomfort.

* I found the importance of movement (which is not the same as exercise).

* I uncovered how stress is a bigger player than ever and that it's crucial to implement rest-based living.

* I was reminded that self-care is not a selfish luxury.

* I know the specific steps to losing fat without compromising on hunger, energy, or cravings.

* With age comes hormonal change, yet I'm equipped to balance them.

  • Weekly secrets to navigating our 40's (and beyond) delivered to your inbox

  • Weekly videos about unlocking the keys to reverse aging and hormonal balance

  • Uncomplicated method of eating for fat-loss (without starving or dieting)

  • Individualized success tracker to monitor your weekly progress

  • Exclusive access to 9 fat-burning workout videos that tone and tighten without aggravating your joints

  • Personalized food journal feedback for your Week 1 nutrition

  • Motivating step-by-step thriving strategy

  • and so much more!

Reverse aging starts now! HURRY, THIS OFFER ENDS SOON!

"Fabulous and 40" is a 12-week digital program, not a group program. You will receive weekly communication to the email used with purchase.

Got questions? I love them! Click HERE to email me!


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