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  • Debbie Baisden

Be the 8%

Want to be a big fat failure? You know, spin your wheels, get nowhere, stay stuck? It's super easy. Here's the formula for never making an inch of progress with your health goals.

Make resolutions. Especially on December 31st.

If you do this one simple thing, you have a 92% chance of failing. And isn't that what we REALLY want, to accomplish absolutely nothing?

I'm joking, yet not.

It's almost time for Facebook posts to ask what your New Year's Resolutions are. Hear me loud and clear as I shout from the rooftops: I LIKE GOALS! I think we should always be striving to refine. Making progress is always a super idea!


Here are the 5 ways to have resolutions really, truly WORK:

1. Resolutions = something you make. Like a wish. "My resolution is to eat healthy." Let's rephrase it from "resolutions" to RESOLVE. Resolve = something you have. It's an intentional commitment that means you will actually accomplish your goal. Want a higher success rate? Write down your goal(s) and you'll be more likely to be successful! "My resolution is to eat healthy" becomes "I am resolved to eat protein and vegetables 3 times a day because I want more energy to keep up with my active family."

2. Resolutions = wrong fit. Let's avoid the mistake of having the same resolutions as the rest of the nation. If it's a "should" instead of a "want" then it's already destined to flop. What is meaningful to YOU personally as a unique individual? Maybe the goal to "eat more vegetables" makes sense because we all need more vegetables, but it feels like what we ought to say. Maybe your resolution is, instead, to start running sprints once a week to see how fast you can become by March. Maybe your tailored resolution is to get 15 more minutes of sleep every Friday. Maybe your personalized resolution is to work on strength training so that you can lift those 20 pound dumbbells by May 1. Don't worry about what everyone else is working on.

3. Resolutions = overwhelming. They imply that you are not currently awesome and you need to become awesome. Truth is, you're already great! Perfect, no, but great! How often do people blindly decide, "My resolution is to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise 3 days a week, stress less, and enjoy family time." Talk about eating an elephant in one bite! Instead, let's decide to take small bite-size pieces of that elephant. We thrive with simplicity! We thrive with structure! We thrive when "all this" is sustainable for the long-term!

4. Resolutions = "what" without "how." "I want to eat more vegetables." Well that's a great goal, but HOW will you make this a HABIT? Be specific (most resolutions are vague, like "I'm going to start going to the gym."). This starts with "I will _____" action steps. You will need milestones along the way to assess your progress. You will need to celebrate every small win along the way. You must set aside the time to practice. You will need to show up and freaking DO IT. And you will need a steady supply of grace because you're going to screw up royally in your journey. You need an easy "starting line" and the "finish line" must come WAY before next December 31st. You are now a part of that 8% that actually sticks with it!

5. Resolutions = self-reliant. A big part of why 92% of people flake on resolutions is because they are doing them alone. Change is hard! It takes work, dedication, perseverance, and time! We are designed for relationship. We are meant to live in community! We do better together! You need accountability in order to stay the course. This is a marathon, and community is going to get you there. Maybe it's a friend, a neighbor, a relative, or your favorite coach (ahem, that's the girl talking to you right now). Don't do your journey solo -- be willing to be vulnerable and transparent about your struggle and your specific, measurable, meaningful goal. Whether it's in-person, texting, calling....teamwork really does make the dream work. It's why I do one-on-one coaching and create community within my menu and workout plans --> it IS the game changer!

So let's hear it! What is it you really want? Are you willing to start today instead of waiting for a new calendar year? How can I help you get from Point A to Point B?


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