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  • Debbie Baisden

3 Hacks to Ignite Fat Loss

Do you know the difference between WEIGHT LOSS and FAT LOSS?

They are not the same and most diet programs focus on weight loss. The problem with WEIGHT loss is, it doesn't work long-term. Those who diet end up fatter 2 years later. Yuck.

Weight loss focuses on calories, willpower, restriction, deprivation. It's a one-size-fits-all approach to eating less that is a form of self-inflicted torture. No thanks.

Fat loss, on the other hand, is what we REALLY want! It's a hormone focused way of eating that removes fat but not muscle. Each person has their own unique fat loss formula and you know it's working when you have balanced hunger, energy and cravings.

With a fat loss approach, you eat more and get lean. Scales are forbidden and there is no white-knuckling. It's a sustainable way to finally get lasting results.

Let's end our focus on how many pounds we weigh and instead target losing fat!


1. Eat more. It's counter-intuitive to eat more, but it's all about nourishing our bodies with a lot of the right foods! No, you don't get unlimited Twinkies, but you do avoid starvation! Eating foods rich in protein, fiber, and water will automatically send your body the information to burn fat instead of storing fat. Every bite you take is a piece of information!

2. Exercise less. Instead of spending an hour on the elliptical followed by a 60 minute fitness class at the gym, do LESS. More is not better and it won't fast-forward your results. What makes a dream body is actually exercising SMARTER in just 20 minutes. That's it. By working really hard for just 1.4% of your day, you will unleash fat-burning hormones!

3. Stop and rest. We live in a world of GO GO GO, but that stress is literally killing us. When we never stop to unwind and relax, we are setting ourselves up for failure. The bottom line is STRESS STORES FAT. So every time you overdo it in life and let work flood your life and burn the candle at both will harm your body. You will be your own obstacle with fat loss. Let's cook and exercise efficiently so that we have more time to decompress and do what we love in life.

By the way have you seen my video on WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS? You can check it out HERE.

This is crucial information to keep in mind: eating more, exercising less, and chilling out daily. But how do we actually make it work? Do you honestly have the time to map out all these meals of fiber, protein and water? Do you really have the time to figure out optimal workouts? Probably not. You have a lot going on in life, so I decided to do that for you!

I've brought convenience your way! I've created 4 weeks of easy meals that are fat-loss focused! I've created and filmed 4 weeks of workouts that trim fat and bring results. Because your month is streamlined, you now have more time to play ball in the yard, or go for a walk with your family, or sit on your porch listening to birds.

But the thing is, you have only a few hours left to take advantage of this offer. And then, friend, you are on your own. To meal plan, to figure out workouts, and to cross your fingers that stress will magically disappear.

Head HERE to get all the details on igniting FAT LOSS!

Let me know what questions you have!

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