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  • Debbie Baisden

3 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life with Exercise

How's your sex life these days? Is it amazing? Okay? Nonexistent?

Whatever your answer is, your sex life can get better! Wooohooo! Ready for the juicy details on how exercise is the fix?

When you take care of yourself you have more confidence. When you are more confident, you feel sexy. Exercise is the perfect way to practice body care. You feel stronger and less saggy, so you're willing to have the lights on and clothes off with your spouse! If the idea of strutting your stuff in heels and pearls makes you panic, exercise can give you the boost to want to show that body!

Sex has so many benefits to our lives, but we so easily forget that if encounters are infrequent. Sex reduces stress (and don't we all have way too much stress in our lives) and feels good too!

So what's our assignment?

Here are 3 ways to improve our sex life through exercise:

1. Stretch.

Be sure to warm up before a workout, and don't forget to cool-down at the end. By stretching your body, you become more flexible, which is an asset in the bedroom.

2. Lift weights.

Lifting challenging weights increases testosterone production. Don't panic, girls. You won't become beefy and bulky; you'll get leaner! And testosterone increases our sex drive!

Weight-lifting also reduces our stress so that we have the mental space to even consider being intimate with our spouse. And as I mentioned before, sex reduces stress too!

By getting stronger, we reduce our fatigue so that we no longer have the excuse of being "too tired" to get naked. Exercise energizes us so that we don't fall asleep on the couch at 8:30pm.

3. Vary your workouts.

Do kegels to strengthen your 'love muscle' for more intense experiences under the sheets.

Do upper body and core workouts since so much of "the act" involves your upper body. Try planks and push-ups!

Do lower body workouts to assist thrusting (and looking fantastic naked). Go for the sexy moves like deadlifts, bridge dips, and wide squats.

Do TABATA and high-intensity workouts. Not only will you enjoy the happy endorphin rush at the end, which makes you feel good, you will also improve your cardio stamina that is needed for horizontal dancing.

Do a "couples workout" with your spouse, at home or the gym. Not only will you have a fun activity to enjoy together, you can hear those grunts and groans that remind you that sex is the most fun workout there is! Exercise increases blood flow which is always helpful. And there's a good chance that one workout will naturally lead to the next "workout."

Sex doesn't have to be a chore to avoid, but rather another facet of your wellness journey!

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