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  • Debbie Baisden

Do you feel like a fitness failure?

You may not know this, but in 2001 I married a P.E. teacher. He was super active, had played every sport since birth, and loved exercise. Opposites attract. That P.E. teacher married a super inactive, uncoordinated, sweat-hating girl.

I never felt the urge to exercise. In my mind, some people liked being active and some didn't. I didn't. It felt like unfun torture​​​​.

Fast forward several years to that girl with 4 kids​​ and mysteriously-shrinking pants. Suddenly exercise had to be put on the schedule, despite all the pouting in the world.

How in the world did I go from loathing to loving exercise? One day at a time.

I'm wondering if right now YOU feel like a fitness failure. Maybe you think, "I should exercise, but I don't want to." "I am too busy to workout today." "I'm tired and unmotivated, so maybe I'll do that sweat thing tomorrow."

​​And then you get down on yourself​​​​. "What is wrong with me? Why can't I just do it?" "Why am I so on again off again with working out? I keep falling off the wagon." "How do all those busy girls do it?" What if it's all in your head? No, I'm not calling you a mental case, haha! What if your brain is the problem? Does the concept of "fitness" automatically make you feel like a failure?

Here are 3 important questions to redirect your thoughts about your activity level:

1. Am I optimistic?​​​​

  • Do I feel optimal health is impossible or possible?

  • Am I telling myself that I'm always a failure in this area or that change is possible?

  • Is exercise viewed as the enemy or a friend?

  • How can I change my thought life from pessimism to optimism?​​​​

2. Am I realistic?

  • Do I have realistic expectations of myself or am I aiming for something unachievable/unnecessary?

  • Do I allow imperfection or is perfection the standard?​​​​​

  • When looking at my current schedule, when could I actually exercise?

  • Am I willing to start small and ease my way into a new routine?

3. ​​​​Am I excited?

  • When I think about fitness, what emotions do I feel?

  • Which activities seem fun, exciting, and challenging?

  • What songs could I play to get pumped up about sweating?​​​

  • If I tell myself I can stop at 10 minutes, does that bring freedom and relief?

  • Which quotes or Bible ​​​​verses inspire me to follow through with my intentions?

You are not a failure. Period! You just might need to redirect your thoughts and make a few tweaks! How can I help you in your fitness journey? Send me a message by clicking here!


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