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  • Debbie Baisden

The Best Workout For Women

Are your workouts working for you? Are you getting the results you crave? Do you even know if the way you're exercising is effective or ineffective? And do men and women train the same?

While I do love couple's workouts, it's important to know that men and women are so different, so the workouts need to be different.

Did you know that women recover faster than men? Women are more resistant to fatigue and need less rests throughout a workout? Go, girls!

What's the best workout for women?


Unlike men who do "chest day," "leg day," "back day," we need to do full body workouts. That way, we use the maximum amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time (my Fit With Deb workouts are 20 minutes or less). When we train all the major muscle groups often, we stimulate that lean muscle growth! And when we do compound exercise moves, we increase the hormonal response and get, once again, that lean muscle growth! Bye, fat!

Let's ignore the myth about muscle confusion, and pick 3-6 moves to do within each workout, and repeat a week's worth of workouts for a month. Sometimes, I crave variety and mix things up, but it's okay to get on autopilot and just repeat, repeat, repeat. As a side note, don't do the exact same workout day after day after day; it's ineffective.

So when you're doing your workouts, think about exercise moves that use your entire body. For example, make a squat more involved by doing a squat then a bicep curl then an overhead shoulder press. Instead of a push-up, do a push-up and then row each arm. Let's get fatigued by really working our muscles.

And for these full body workouts to really take effect, remember that we need enough sleep, we need to reduce our stress, and we need to take care of our nutrition.

I did a Facebook Live on all of this ---> check it out HERE!

Confused about how to workout and get results? Feel clueless about where to start? Send me a message and I'll help you get those results you crave!

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