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  • Debbie Baisden

What are Rest-Based Workouts?

Last week on vacation, I enjoyed exercising outdoors while each kid enjoyed hammock time. My oldest played Bob Marley on the giant speaker while I did squats, leg lifts, and calf raises. I just needed a timer and shoes. That's it.

Outdoor workouts are awesome because we get fresh air and the breeze helps dry our sweat. While my timer is counting down the seconds to the finish line (my favorite part of any workout is the end, ha), I make sure to rest throughout. How often do you rest while exercising? If you're not resting, you actually may be working against yourself! A phrase coined by Metabolic Effect, "Rest-Based" Workouts simply means that you will rest as often as you need, for as long as you want, during a workout. In typical workouts, there are set intervals of work and rest. Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t cater to the individual. Maybe you need a rest earlier…or later. Maybe you need to rest for a longer time….or shorter. In order to get the maximum benefits of a fitness session, you want to make it to the end of the workout without running out of stamina too early (and without pacing throughout). Why do we rest:

· To maintain the intensity & quality of a workout (and to avoid pacing yourself) · To reset the body, becoming able to push to the max again and again · To get real results · To avoid hating exercise in general · To feel in control of the workout · To stay safe, and prevent injury and overexertion “The more you rest, the harder you will push. The harder you push, the more you will have to rest.” As you workout, you want to feel hot, breathless, and burning. These signals will help determine when it’s time to pause and when it’s time to give full exertion. During workouts you will hear me say, “Push until you can’t do any more. Then rest until you can resume the workout. Be a quitter, a failure!” The goal is to give it your all, your best, while at work. Rest will be required to complete the workout. It’s a start-stop-start-stop pattern. Rest-based workouts are perfect for the ultra fit athlete as well as the newbie, because they’re individualized. Some people use a lot of short rests, while others will take fewer, longer rests. There is no structure to the rests. Resting more and more as a workout progresses means you are doing the workout RIGHT. If you never rest within a workout, you did not rise to your potential and avoided the challenge of lifting heavy and pushing hard. Get access to dozens of rest-based workouts right now by clicking HERE!


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