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  • Debbie Baisden

How to Get the Body You Crave

Can I ask you a question? I have to pry, sorry. If I asked you, "Do you have the dream body you crave?" what would your answer be? If you're like most women, you'd start rattling off a list of your flaws and weaknesses, right?

"I have cellulite." "I hate my calves." "My butt is huge." "My stretch marks are the worst." And on and on and on, right? While you may not feel the urge to grace the cover of a swimsuit magazine, do you just wish you could get closer to your dream body? You know, the one that is leaner, stronger, healthier, sexier? You are your worst critic. You already know this. What you see in the mirror is not what the rest of the world sees. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are valuable. You are sexy. But, you might not have the confidence you wish for. And you might wonder what sexy feels like. Do you lack the energy for day to day life? I'm a big fan of pants fitting. And muscle definition. And dancing naked at night. I think having your dream body is achievable. And it's easier than you think! Last year I read a book called "The One Thing," and it's amazing. So let me share how this book applies to your goal of having a dream body!

If you want a dream body, you must do 2 things:

1. Write down your goals. "People who write their goals down are 39.5% more likely to succeed." Dang. Just by putting pen to paper you are more likely to get your dream body! But I want you to take it one step further. I want you to break that goal into action steps. Here's how the author explains the domino effect: "SOMEDAY GOAL: what’s the ONE thing I want to do someday? FIVE-YEAR GOAL: Based on my Someday Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do in the next 5 years? ONE-YEAR GOAL: Based on my Five-Year Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do in this year? MONTHLY GOAL: Based on my One-Year Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this month? WEEKLY GOAL: Based on my Monthly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do this week? DAILY GOAL: Based on my Weekly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do today? RIGHT NOW: Based on my Daily Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do right now?

Now all you need to do is knock each domino down until you’ve hit your Someday Goal." It makes sense, right? 2. Share your progress. "People who write their goals AND share their progress with people that they’ve chosen to hold them accountable, are 76.7% more likely to achieve them. Wowzers! Double your effectiveness. Share your goals + progress. Do it!!!" Write them down. Share with your accountability person. Your husband: NOT your accountability partner! Your best friend: NOT your accountability partner!

Why? It's not their role. And let's be honest, they love you and will want to be on your side and never "hold you to the fire" because it feels bossy. They'll tell you it's okay to have wine every night if it makes you happy. They'll buy you candy on emotional days.

Your loved ones are wonderful. But it puts them in an awkward position to try and keep you in line with your goals all the time. Can you imagine asking your friend to be your dentist?! Ha! To get that dream body: write down your big goals and the tiny steps it'll take to get there (starting TODAY not TOMORROW), and then choose your accountability partner for progress sharing! In case you didn't know, I offer one-on-one coaching! I love partnering with women who are serious about reaching their wellness goals! These are the women who crave success and get results! I'd love to start a conversation with you about starting accountability coaching in January! You can go ahead and claim your spot now to lock in 2018 prices. Consider this the best gift you could give yourself! Head HERE to schedule a 15-minute FREE consultation phone call with me before the spots are filled!

Here's to ACHIEVING SUCCESS, hot stuff!


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