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  • Debbie Baisden

Lower Stress & Lose Weight

I'm willing to bet a shiny nickel that you are STRESSED OUT! Your calendar is flooded, your days are beyond busy, and you are about to come unglued. Right?

Stress is a killer. And it is an invisible force that causes our bodies to STORE FAT. But if we can't live on a deserted island with a chef, nanny, and such, what do we do?

Counteract the crazy. If your stress is extreme, your de-stressing must be equally extreme. If your stress is low, your de-stressing can be minimal.

Self-care cannot be a "once in a while" event! It is not a luxury!

Here are some practical ways to take care of yourself amidst the chaos. Not only will you feel calmer, but your body will thank you by dropping inches!

All of this is on video by clicking HERE!

1. Shut your eyes. Take a power nap. Head to bed 15 minutes early. Sleep in an extra 15 minutes. Do whatever it takes to rest your body and your brain. Your body craves this hormonal reset! Sleep is another invisible way to really practice self care with results!

2. Cuddle your pets. While watching a funny movie. Either and both are smart ways to reduce stress! Easy, right? Notice I did not say, "Watch TV" as the brain does not equate this with calming down (I still do it anyway), but there is something that chemically happens when we watch funny movies.

3. Move. Get a change of scenery and go for a walk. You can call a friend, listen to music, pray, or just have silence, all while enjoying a relaxing walk. Walking lowers cortisol and flattens your belly too. Lift weights for an intense stress-reducing workout and enjoy the burst of happy hormone aftermath! You will have a natural mood boost and achieve a toned body too!

4. Get naked. That's right, have sex. Instead of horrible domestic obligations like dishes and laundry, grab your spouse and have sex. It's a free way to relax that burns calories too!

Life is too short to obsess about our figure. Let's prioritize taking care of our bodies by recharging regularly! Put it on your calendar that you cannot miss.

Do whatever you enjoy that compensates for the craziness of life!

So let's hear it! What is on this week's schedule for taking care of YOU? I can't wait to hear!

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