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  • Debbie Baisden

Why You Should Skip Your Next Workout

I used to hate, loathe, and despise exercise. Sweat was icky and gyms were scary. I just didn't see the point in CHOOSING to work hard. That was for fanatics and bodybuilders, you know, people who LIKE exercising.

Then the seams of my pants showed me who was boss. And I decided that maybe fitness should become a part of my life instead of marathon cookie eating.

Fast-forward to today, I actually enjoy workouts (and actually am typing this a stank, sweaty mess since I just completed a home workout). I feel empowered, strong, happier. I encourage women to get toned and lean and sexy by exercising regularly a few days a week. It's cheaper than plastic surgery, antidepressants, and going to therapy.


Sometimes I'm a big fan of skipping workouts. I tell clients to nap instead of squat, to be lazy instead of hardcore.


Because our bodies need, crave, and demand rest. You need a freaking break sometimes. Few things are dumber than repeatedly pushing our bodies to "train mean" 8 days a week. When we overdo it with exercise, our bodies REVOLT.

We get injured.

We stay sore.

We do not get tight, toned, lean bodies.

We dread all things fitness.

See, rest is crucial. On those days when we self-preserve, our bodies have ample time to recover from a tough workout session. When we decide to give ourselves a pass from lifting weights and holding planks, our bodies build muscle. True story. When we grant permission to skip the gym, we don't dread future workouts.

It's pretty cool that a lot of physical and mental magic can happen on our "off" days.

If you're looking for a reason to justify lounging instead of crushing your fitness goals, this is your sign. Take a break, preferably every other day.

Repeat after me, "It is okay to rest."

So the next time you're tempted to kill a 2 hour workout Monday through Saturday, just don't . Less is more sometimes. Give your body what it needs: self care. Exercise smarter, not harder.

I dare you to nap today.

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