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  • Debbie Baisden

Free Buns & Guns Workout

There are few things I love more than FREE things!

How about a FREE workout just for you, no strings attached? Sound good?

This is a secret, private workout that I have HIDDEN! It's one of my 18 Buns & Guns workouts that you can own forever! I talk to a lot of busy women who crave a quick workout while a meal bakes in the oven. I often exercise in my kitchen so I can peek in the oven when I take rests.

I hope you like this 20-minute sweat session that will tighten and lift your booty AND give you anti bat wing arms! No equipment is needed. Hashtag winning!

If you like this workout, there's more where that came from. Click here to get the entire BUNS & GUNS 18 video collection for a STEAL!

Here's your FREE workout! Just click play!

Enjoy your FREE workout and be sure to share the love! I'm proud of you!

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