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  • Debbie Baisden

4 Steps To Designing Your Fat-Loss Workout

I love creating fat-loss workouts for my in-person and online clients! If you are at home, at the gym, or even on vacation, you can create your own workout that can be accomplished in 5 to 20 minutes!


1. Consider your location and available equipment.

If you are limited with space you know that you cannot do any moves that require 'traveling,' for example (like walking lunges). The good news is you do not need a lot of space to do an effective workout! Hotels can offer workout rooms but I often use my hotel room and get the job done. Sometimes I travel with my weights from home, but I also enjoy doing bodyweight-only moves to limit my need for equipment. I've done some forest workouts (yes, I'm serious) and only did moves that kept me upright (whew, no burpees allowed). You can get creative; I've used playground equipment and medical waiting rooms more times than I can count.

2. Decide what body parts you want to work.

Some days I will create a "butt" workout, a "core" workout, a "leg" workout, etc. While we cannot "spot train" (or the ThighMaster would still exist and every girl would have a thigh gap), it can be fun to focus on one problem area. Unlike men, women's bodies actually respond best to full-body workouts so I may do more leg work but I will make sure to work the other muscle groups as well. With the style of workouts I create I tend to do a lot of hybrid moves (a squat with a bicep curl or a lunge with an overhead press, for example) to get the maximum results in a short amount of time.

3. Pick 4-10 moves to perform in your sweat session.

More moves means more creativity and less repetition; less moves means more repetition and more rest. You can switch every workout up and alternate between 4 one workout but 8 the next workout. Four full-body moves could include: push-ups, a squat with a bicep curl, chest presses and mountain climbers.

4. Choose the timing.

If you have access to a timer, you can do each move for a set amount of time (30-60 seconds long). Or you can simply decide the number of reps you will do of each move (8-12 is best) and end the workout when 20 minutes is up. You can also do each move until you need a rest, then switch to a new move after you recover.

There you have it! You can design your own workout wherever you are with any amount of time you have!

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