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  • Debbie Baisden

8-Minute Seated Workout

When it comes to exercise, isn't our typical excuse either that we are too busy or too lazy?

How about an 8 minute arm workout that lets you sit down the entire freaking time? PAR-TAY!

You can do this while waiting for water to boil in the kitchen, for crying out loud.

No more excuses, grab some weights and have a seat. Enjoy sculpting your arms in just 8 minutes!

Don't even think about it, just hit PLAY and let's do this!

Building up arm strength goes beyond just looking good without sleeves.

It's about carrying groceries from car to kitchen in one trip

It's about holding a babe on the hip all the live long day.

It's about being able to teach kids that strength has value.

It's about being able to improve posture, feel confident, and even help your bones.

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