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  • Debbie Baisden

6 Ways to Whittle Your Waist

Muffin top, Mom Pooch, Belly Bulge, Spare tire. Busted can of biscuits. We all know the nicknames for an uncooperative waistline, right?

So, what's the fix? Is there even a fix? Do we need to live on celery and do 100 crunches a day?

Yes, yes you do.

You are required to diet til you die, and do crunches in between bites of celery. It's the only way that works.


But seriously, here's the bad news. There are a lot of causes to an untamed tummy and it's a tall order to put it all into one article that doesn't take you 45 minutes to read. So here's the quick and dirty summary, okay?

The villains:

* Hormones out of whack (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, etc)

* Pregnancy (or pregnancies)

* Age (wrinkles AND permanent bloat, yikes)

* Stress (it stores fat)

* Sleep-deprivation (more likely to overeat, lower self-control, less calorie burning, and missing that hormonal reset)

* Genetics (what does your family tree look like?)

* Lack of exercise or over-exercise (being sedentary or compulsively doing too much)

* Nutrition (usually junk food)

I know, I know. It's a really long, sad list. Let's see it more as a puzzle, with a lot of pieces. That makes it seem like a fun game to solve!

Let's get to the good news. How do we shrink our stomach yesterday, right? Again, for the sake of time, here's the condensed version of 6 stomach shrinkers:

The 6 heroes:

* Balanced hormones (go see an integrative doctor)(we need our body to function in harmony)

* Rest-based living (as we age, we need to rest more)

* Sleep (consistent quality and quantity so we have self-control, stress reduction, hormonal reset, post-workout recovery, and weight loss)

* Stress reduction (daily)(the higher the stress, the higher the demand for stress management)

* Exercise properly (join my FIT membership to know exactly how to move for fat loss)(more is not better)

* Nutrition (join my FRESH membership to know exactly when to eat what for fat loss)(this is the #1 way to change your waistline)

Having a trim tummy is more than just vanity. It's prevention of disease and discomfort, so it's really important to start taking action now! Message me right now so we can start a conversation about how you can get healthier faster!


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