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  • Debbie Baisden

Anti-Diet: The Fun Way to Eat & Move for Success

Junk food is easy and delicious.

There is little time to prepare healthy meals, especially ones the kids will eat.

Portion control is a struggle.

Being busy means no time to plan ahead.

Work means no opportunity to eat lunch which leads to overeating later.

Have you ever felt like this?

I was a junk food addict myself. I ate Frosted Mini Wheat cereal for both breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I made nachos as a homemade snack. Dinner was some sort of pasta. Give me a break, I have four freaking kids! I needed fast, easy meals that tasted yummy. Everything was fine because nothing was off-limits, not even Oreos.

Except it wasn't. I was out of control, yet I kept convincing myself it was fine. My pants were painfully tight. I dreaded wearing pants altogether. I knew it was an outward sign that something had to change. My nutrition was all about convenience and carbs. And I refused to buy bigger clothes!

What I needed was help. That was hard to admit, but I was desperate. I didn't know which foods were good or bad. I needed someone to just tell me what to do. Clearly I was doing it all wrong.

  • Are you there? Are you feeling uncomfortable yet pretending your body will magically transform somehow?

  • Do you feel confused by all the diets that scream quick fix?

  • Is there a craving for a lean body that you feel confident about but you don't have the time to figure out what to do?

My Frosted Mini Wheat days have ended. 7 years ago I decided to quit eating like a stupid teenage boy and get my act together. ENOUGH! So I've spent 7 years educating myself AND living it out. And I figured out the way to eat MORE yet weigh LESS.

One of my favorite things to do is take the thinking out of meal ideas for busy women. I am all about saving moms time. You have so many responsibilities. Do you really enjoy spending time trying to figure out when to eat what? Is the 5 o'clock scramble fun? Is the guilt of throwing PopTarts at kids awesome? Would you like your eternal search for healthy recipes to just end already?

That family of yours wants to eat 3 times a day. Every day.

Enter Fit With Deb. I take the thinking (and hating) out of meal planning. I offer exciting new recipes that get you out of your rut. I free up your time so that you can get poolside with your family. Speaking of the pool, I help your body fit into that swimsuit.

  • Want looser clothes?

  • Need support and encouragement?

  • Ready to see results?

  • Craving motivation and accountability?

You are not alone. Repeat after me: I AM NOT ALONE.

I've designed a 4-week food + fitness plan that is perfect for you to happily stay on track and experience success! Yeah, even when you vacation.

Christine says, "I joined this group 13 months ago. I couldn't do the workouts, or at least it felt that way. I was more of the beached whale attempting a workout of any kind. Before this group and Debbie Baisden leading me along ( and sometimes pushing) I felt pretty hopeless. I had been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer ( that's a pretty long sad story all in its own) My oncologist told me my cancer was estrogen driven and estrogen is stored in fat cells. I was enrolled in Weight Watchers and had stalled out after losing only 18 pounds. I thought it was maybe my age working against me....and behold: a new way of looking at food, gluten and dairy. Meal planning for a week at a time and here I am today. I can run, ( I still pee a little when I run, lol) I can hike, bike and keep up with my 4 year old twin grandsons. My birth certificate says I'm 61, I feel 20 years younger. If you are on the fence about any of these programs I'm here to tell you, jump off the fence and straight into a life of abundant energy. You can do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Debbie. I'm pretty sure you saved my life."

In addition to a month of freaking amazing recipes that even crazy busy moms can make and love, you're going to start enjoying exercise.

Does "enjoying" and "exercise" sound like the biggest joke ever? I hated exercise. I dreaded it, avoided it, and told myself it was for those fitness-lovers. I had no need to sweat. Shoot, it probably wouldn't even work if I tried.

But those tight pants.

When I started exercising, IT DID NOT WORK. I absolutely hated it and looked for reasons to skip the gym. I looked the same, I felt the same. I was discouraged and frustrated.

But then.

Then I learned how to do it RIGHT and in LESS TIME. What?!? I could be done in 20 minutes? I could actually make time for it?!

Right now you might not enjoy exercise and so you do nothing. Or you've got a bum knee. Or you'd rather fold laundry. Or maybe you don't even know which workouts to do. Or your kids are always around. Or you're one of those moms who takes care of everyone but herself.

I promise I went from lazy and inconsistent to motivated. Why was I motivated? Because my pants fit! Results help you find the time!

I'm all about helping you stay on track.

Sally says, "I've never said these words before swimsuit is too big!! I'm officially down 20 lbs, 5 inches of hips and 5 inches off waist, 3 off my chest since December.....I'm stronger and healthier. I've noticed that my cravings are not as strong."

Mandy says she's "enjoying going from being size 12 to a 6. Thanks for the motivation."

Dawn says, "I am very excited that I lost 5 inches total which is fabulous! Thank you Debbie for all of the encouragement and wonderful meals!"

Lindsay says, "I put on a pair of shorts yesterday that just a week ago were very, very snug and they fit perfectly yesterday! I can already tell a difference in my body. We've loved all the meals and felt satisfied each day!"

If you're not ready for the no-brainer way of getting results, that's okay.

If you enjoy wasting time on Pinterest, carry on.

If you love seeing no change from hours at the gym, keep at it.


If you enjoy chronic frustration, endless excuses, emotional eating, or the daily struggle of doing things on your own.....bye.

For the rest of us, let's get excited that our inbox is about to get an awesome plan filled with food and fitness that helps us to get lean!

Here's what's coming your way:

  • 4 weeks of dairy-free recipes that taste crazy good. Yes, they are easy. Scroll down to see what's landing on your kitchen table this month.

  • 4 printable grocery shopping lists that give you more free time. Just print and go.

  • 1 printable calendar that keeps you on track with meals and workouts. You'll forever answer, "Mom what are we eating today?"

  • 10 total body workout videos that kick fat to the curb in 20 minutes. Go ahead, do them in pajamas.

  • A closed online community of women just like you who need some cheerleading during the journey. I'll be there to answer your questions and high-five you the whole time!

Valued at over $400, I'm going to give you a 75% discount. I'm insane, yeah.

But you have to hurry. We get started this week!

This is your summer to finally experience success.

Registration rates increase in 24 hours.

What others are saying:

I've lost an inch in the hips, two in the small of my waist, two in my chest, and looking at pics....I'm down one chin!!!!! Thanks Deb!


Lost 2 1/2 inches in waist, 1 5/8 in lower waist, 1 1/2 in hips. Biceps, thighs, and calves up and down but i can tell they firmed up. So glad to have been a part of this. Can't wait til next round.


I am 12lbs down, my baby pooch is a lot smaller, my legs and booty are getting some definition and I feel really good! I can't wait for this month's roll out!! Thanks again Debbie White Wilkins Baisden this is going to be a staple in the "take care of me in 2017" plan.


2.5 inches in "small" waist, 1.5 in lower waist, .5 in hips! I've loved this group and this month!! Thank you, Debbie!


Hey, so I started eating according to the plan you put out for us on December 1 ( I'm a habitual eater so it is cool lol) and as of this morning, I've already lost 2.5 inches off of my lower waist and an additional 2.5 inches off the small of my waist. That's insane!


Just wanted to share...4 months ago I definitely would not have wanted a picture of myself from this angle! Thank you for getting me on track, and inspiring me along the way.


I got tired of hiking my jeans up every 50 steps so I pulled out an *old* belt from the depths of my closet that I haven't needed for years! I even had to move over a notch from where I used to wear it! WHAT? It works, y'all...all of it...together. Debbie knows what she's talking about.



Meal Plan: Week 1

MONDAY: Blueberry Bread & Balsamic Chicken Salad

TUESDAY: Overnight Quinoa Breakfast Pots & Taco Salad

WEDNESDAY: Key Lime Smoothie & Stew

THURSDAY: Oat Bran & Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Chili

FRIDAY: Hardboiled Eggs with Avocado & Cheat Meal

SATURDAY: Eggs, Bacon, Fruit & Skinny Shrimp Scamp with Zoodles

SUNDAY: Chorizo Egg Skillet & Grilled Pork Chops with Cabbage Hemp Salad

Meal Plan: Week 2

MONDAY: Omelets, Sausage, Fruite & BLT’s

TUESDAY: Protein Smoothie & Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes

WEDNESDAY: Overnight Oats in a Jar & Baked Buffalo Wings

THURSDAY: Chicken Sausages & Hummus Crusted Chicken with Cucumber Salad

FRIDAY: Rocky Road Chia Seed Pudding & Cheat Meal

SATURDAY: Eggs, Bacon, Fruit & Grilled Steaks with Roasted Cabbage

SUNDAY: Overnight Breakfast Casserole & Turkey Avocado Burgers

Meal Plan: Week 3

MONDAY: Quinoa Egg Bake & Roasted Roots Soup

TUESDAY: Egg White Frittata & Asian Shrimp Zoodle Stir Fry

WEDNESDAY: Protein Smoothie & Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

THURSDAY: Oatmeal & Thai Peanut Beef with Broccoli

FRIDAY: Wheat-Free Pancakes & Cheat Meal

SATURDAY: Omelets, Fruit, Bacon & Salmon with Veggies

SUNDAY: Breakfast Cookies & Thai Citrus Chicken Salad

Meal Plan: Week 4

MONDAY: Chorizo and Egg & Crock Pot Pesto Chicken Salad

TUESDAY: Apple Crisp & Meatloaf with Veggies

WEDNESDAY: Smoothie & Slow Cooker Pot Roast

THURSDAY: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups & “Spaghetti”

FRIDAY: Baked Oatmeal & Cheat Meal

SATURDAY: Omelets, Fruit, Sausage & Slow Cooker Lemon Orange Garlic Chicken

SUNDAY: Easy Crustless Quiche & Beef Fajitas

The Anti-Diet is currently closed. To see what menu is currently open, check out the Fit & Fresh program here.

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(I'm Debbie White Wilkins Baisden)

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