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  • Debbie Baisden

17 Easy Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

You are so busy and never have enough time, right?

You know you SHOULD workout. It's what you're SUPPOSED to do. But there are just not enough hours in the day to fit in fitness.

Here are 17 easy ways to sneak in exercise, no matter how busy you are! Listen. You are important and need to take care of yourself. This is the only body you get, so get that body moving! You don't have to be perfect, just do something!

1. Go pee. Every time you go to the bathroom, do 1 minute of exercise. It can be a wall sit, calf raises or arm circles. The more water you drink (yay), the more you'll have to pee (yay)!

2. Sleep in your bra. Sports bra that is. Go to bed in workout clothes instead of pajamas so you are more likely to wake and work!

3. Screens off. We use those little pockets of time to scroll social media, right? Step away from the screens and decide to invest in your health with a short but effective workout!

4. Stay home. Skip the gym membership. You're more likely to make excuses to skip the gym because it involves driving, parking, standing in line for a class, and waiting for equipment. Home workouts are just as effective! Head to my "online fitness" workout video options at and just press "play"!

5. Dance. Dancing is fun and stress-relieving, so grab your kids and shake yo booty! You can do this while folding laundry or stirring dinner!

6. Get out. Head outside to stay active. Wash the car, mow the yard, throw the ball, or use the nearby park playground as your gym!

7. Hit the pavement. Go for a walk. Take the family...or go solo. Walk during the kids' soccer practice. Walk during lunch with a coworker. Enjoy a mobile conversation after dinner.

8. Deskercize. Work out at work. Yeah, even in your blazer. Pace while on the phone. Park far from your office. Do desk push-ups. Find creative ways to move your body, even while seated, to fight the sedentary lifestyle.

9. Trip over equipment. Set up every single thing you'll need for your next workout the night before. Lay out your mat, weights, water bottle, socks, shoes. Put it somewhere in your home where you'll see it and trip over it so that you stay reminded of your goal.

10. Inconvenience kids. Instead of wasting your time doing chores, make your offspring do household to-do's. You just freed up 20 minutes.

11. Pick favorites. Do what you like to do and you're less likely to avoid it. Love biking? Get on a bike. Love Pilates? Go plank. Hate running? Don't run.

12. Stop at 10. Tell yourself that you only need to workout for 10 minutes. Just 600 seconds is 0.7% of your day. Chances are you'll keep going past 10 minutes, but give yourself permission to stop.

13. Study your calendar. Look at your monthly calendar. Where can you squeeze in a sweat session? It's all about priorities. Don't you schedule a dental cleaning and keep that appointment? Don't you make time to grocery shop consistently? Do you see your OB/GYN even though it's not your favorite? Treat exercise as a can't-miss appointment.

14. Don't snooze. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Yeah, it's brutal beyond words at first. But the payoff is huge. You get an energy surge and you're more likely to have a quiet environment without interruption. Let your alarm clock remind you it's time to build muscle!

15. Grab a pen. Write down your plan. Thinking it over will not cut it. Get out of your head and onto paper that can go on your fridge. You are more likely to follow-through.

16. Treat yourself. Set a goal for yourself and then reward yourself. For example, your goal may be to complete 12 workouts in a month; at the end of the month you get your nails done. We all love incentives!

17. Message me. The biggest game changer is accountability, pure and simple. Your spouse is not eligible, trust me. I love keeping women on track by making sure they do what they set out to do. One-on-one coaching is an individualized way to not get lost in the crowd. We'll set goals, then accomplish them. Boom. Message me about getting started or find out more about my accountability program.

The reality is YOU HAVE THE TIME. You do. It just takes some shuffling things around to make it unfold. I am cheering for you!

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