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  • Debbie Baisden

3 Surprising Fixes for Arm Flab

You're likely reading this on your phone, so I want you to hold up your free hand and wave. That's right, pretend you are waving at a friend who's looking for you at the airport. I know you feel like a crazy person right now.

Now glance at your arm as you wave. Is your arm skin flapping in the wind like a flag?

Okay now stop waving. Is your arm still jiggling long after the waving ended?

It's okay. I hear it all the time from women who are frustrated about their "bat wing" arms. Those tricep muscles are so stubborn and I often get asked how to tighten and tone the backs of arms.

What in the world are we supposed to do?

There's a lot that could be going on that you never ever considered.

And it doesn't even involve exercise, can you believe it?!?



1. You're tired. Not getting enough sleep means you are likely to store fat. Sleep provides a necessary hormonal reset for us, but if we don't get enough sleep (or if we don't get quality sleep), then our bodies are going to be negatively impacted. The solution is less Netflix and more pillow. Create a consistent bedtime routine which means no screens for 1 hour before bed, keep your bedroom temperature cool, use magnesium oil (not melatonin or Zquil), take a bath, and keep a regular bedtime (even on weekends). Being well-rested can help the arms to get lean!

2. You're stressed. You have a demanding job, a family to nurture, endless chores and errands, and more. Stress, like exhaustion, stores fat. When cortisol levels rise, your body is in fight-or-flight mode and compensates by clinging to those fat reserves. It's vital to start incorporating ways to decompress and relax every single day. Not once a week, not on vacation. Daily. Read a book, take a nap, enjoy a walk, talk to loved ones, pet a dog, paint your nails. Whatever helps you to step away and fully exhale from life's cares. By reducing our stress (and lowering our cortisol level), we will help our arms to slim down naturally.

3. You're malnourished. Too many refined, starchy carbs and not enough protein are a recipe for, you guessed it, storing fat. Picture every cookie, cracker, or chip as adding a layer of fat to your arms. Eating the empty calories of zero nutritional value will enlarge our arms. Equally important is getting adequate protein in your diet as protein is the building block for muscle. Reduce the flab by getting less processed foods like candy and cake and getting more lean protein every meal you eat.

Pick just 1 of the 3 habits to start working on this week! Just 1. Once you have nearly mastered this, move on to the next 1 habit. By making small, simple changes, your body will start responding (and you'll be WAY less overwhelmed).

I want to hear from YOU! Which 1 thing will you begin to tackle TODAY?

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