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  • Debbie Baisden

I dare you to trash your scale

We are all guilty of stepping on the scale and then experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.  We've all allowed the scale to dictate how we feel about ourselves.  The problem is we’re boarding a sinking ship.  >>> What are we looking for when stepping onto this device? No, seriously, give yourself a minute to answer that question. You are not a number.  And your worth cannot be measured by those 3 digits.  The scale is no barometer of optimal health. The only thing the device is good at?  Triggering stress, disordered eating, depression, obsession.   Can we rely on an outdated machine to declare whether we are "good" or "bad"?  >>> When did the scale begin yielding too much power in your life?  The scale cannot possibly measure your: Bravery  *  Wisdom  *  Perseverance  *  Generosity  *  Selflessness *  Talent  *  Humor  * Purpose  * Potential  *  Beauty  *  Sexiness  * Kindness  *  Athleticism  * Energy  *  Love  * >>> You wouldn't dare pass down the obsession of weight checking to your daughter, would you? Wanna lose weight?  Fine.  Put your scale in the dumpster and lose 2 pounds instantly. I'm daring you to GAIN instead.  Every day.  Gain confidence. Gain stability. Gain quality of life. Gain peace. Shoot.  Gain weight because you eat and drink daily. Think about the legacy you want to leave. How do you want to be remembered at the end of your life?  Spoiler alert: "everything people love about you has NOTHING to do with your weight." Love your current body. Remember that you are wonderfully made by God in His image. I'm here for you.  I want to help you.  Message me if you're ready to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and take control of your habits and self-talk. 


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