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  • Debbie Baisden

Sometimes I hate the fat-loss lifestyle

In case you're under the illusion that I lust after celery and have to pry myself away from dumbbells, let me shed some light on reality. Yeah, I've been on my health journey for about 9 years now. And I don't make pasta casseroles every night anymore and I am okay smelling like sweat in public. But, you know what? Sometimes I hate the fat-loss lifestyle. I believe in it. I know it works. And I want you living it. But it often involves mental and physical pain. It can suck.

​ No one has a bigger bottom lip than this girl when I can't have chocolate cake.

My child has wrestled a pack of M&M's out of my vice grip.

My sons have taunted, "Mooommmmmm, you know you can't have Starbucks, remember? Don't pull into the drive-thru." My husband tried to oblige "Morning Debbie" who tells him sugar is banned from the house, only to get the stink eye when "Night Debbie" sees he's come home empty-handed. ​ It's hard, y'all. To die to self. To retrain taste buds. To watch others so freely lick icing off their fingers.

And that's just the cravings.

I don't "rise and grind." Just because the "sun's out" doesn't mean I am chomping at the bit to get those "guns out." Sometimes I just will myself to exercise. I give a mental pep rally as I start my warm-up. I even fold laundry to convince myself I'm too busy to workout. And while waking up sore is kind of rewarding, it also means that magnesium oil is needed and that I gotta schedule a deep massage to undo the tightness. I mean, my freaking hamstring has been nagging me for over 7 months!

Right about now, you're wondering if I need an intervention or counseling. Or maybe you think, "Dang, Debbie, if it's not sustainable then you're doing it wrong" or "Ummmm, I never want to do your crappy programs."

But here's the thing. Just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's bad. Just because it takes effort and willpower and even inconvenience doesn't negate the awesomeness. Being uncomfortable, stretched, refined....gosh, it's so worth it! No one only and always loves salads and squats, nor should you. I eat cupcakes. And pizza. And I sit on the couch with untouched weights at my feet. Just not every day.

Because what is the alternative?! Going back to Lucky Charms and laziness? Gaining 20 pounds by summer? Hating my reflection?


So when we know in advance that there are hills and valleys in this wellness journey, we don't freak out when the measuring tape isn't our best friend. When we are prepared for obstacles, we can grit our teeth and power through. No one can do it for you! And that is what makes the rewards so sweet! Because you discover strength you never realized. You challenge yourself. You slowly transform. It's worth it. I want you to know, it is worth it. It won't always be hard and it won't always be easy. Stay the course, veering off sometimes. Be consistent, except when you're occasionally not. And trust the process that will change your life.

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