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  • Debbie Baisden

screw it all

Last night I ate carrot cake.  I hate carrot cake.  So why in the WORLD did I eat it?  To be honest, I'm not totally sure.  I resisted it for a full 36 hours no problem, but then I caved and ate something I don't like, simply because it's sweet. How have you been doing the past couple of weeks with stress eating? Have you had more junk than usual?  Eaten every 90 minutes?  Indulged in more wine?  Welcome to humanity, party of 7.5 billion. I know you have so many emotions right now and you're adjusting to a new normal that doesn't actually feel normal at all.  Right? Our knee-jerk reaction is to cope with food.  And I honestly think it's okay to pout for a few days about the global catastrophe.   But be careful. If you don't pump your brakes, you're gonna find yourself digging a hole that's REALLY difficult to climb out of. I know every day kind of feels like a weekend or Christmas break.  And I am all about splurging sometimes.  We never need to eat "perfectly," whatever that is.  You're not a robot.   But it's time to be intentional.  It is spring.  You will be free to roam before you know it.  You will wear real pants again. Would you rather undo a few days of overindulging, or would you rather undo a few weeks of overindulging? >>> It's time to cope with stress in ways that don't involve hand-to-mouth actions. >>> It's time to break up with unhealthy habits that you'll kick yourself over later. >>> It's time to relieve stress with exercise 3 times a week. >>> It's time to eat 3-5 times per day.  >>> It's time to differentiate mouth hunger vs stomach hunger. >>> It's time to stay busy and get a hobby instead of being a Pro Snacker. Onward.  Upward. Shrug off the past few days.  End self-sabotage.  Purge your pantry.  Cook meats and vegetables.  Lace up your shoes.   Take care of yourself. If you need help with home workouts and yummy recipes while hunkered down, check out my Fit + Fresh amazingness.  It's the perfect plan for staying on track and you can try it all for FREE right now.


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