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  • Debbie Baisden


Sometimes I just need to vent. You know, in case you think errrrything is all rainbows and unicorns on my end. ​😂

If you've followed me for any length of time, you probably know I have some nagging discomfort in my back/glutes. It's super "fun" to be 45, yeehaw.

This week I was supposed to get an MRI. I was literally about to walk into the room with the humming tube, only for a nurse to tell me I could not get an MRI. My hair extensions have some metal beads, which prevented the appointment. I pouted, but managed not to cry.

The silver lining, I suppose, is I have a nerve block now scheduled . . . in August. Sigh.

While I would love your wisdom on how to get relief, please know that I'm 12 years into this pain. I've done:


  • Consultations​

  • X-rays

  • Pills of all kinds

  • X-ray guided injections

  • Physical Therapy

  • Deep Massage

  • Dry Needling

  • Chiropractic care

  • Stretches​

  • Trigger Point Injections

All this to say, in case you have some nagging injuries, I get it. You can still be active! While I've reduced the exercise moves I can do without pain, I still exercise regularly and go for walks. You should too! I simply get creative with workouts so I can focus on strength gains and fat loss.


And it's a necessary reminder for us all ​that nutrition is 80% of body change! So if you currently cannot do traditional exercise, it's okay! Stay active with NEAT movement (Google it) and focus on what matters most:


  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Stress-Reduction​​​​​​​


So now is your time to offer up your ideas that are NOT on the list above. Thank you in advance for your expertise! No need to tell me I could temporarily remove my hair extensions for the MRI, wink.

Or just share your woe-is-me story, because Dark Cloud Debbie would love the company!


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