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  • Debbie Baisden

5 Ways to cope with stress

Because STRESS may be the underlying theme to your life lately, it's important to learn how to cope so that stress does not kill you.  Because it really does want to kill you.

1.  Pray and read your Bible.  Why not take all your woes and worries to the One who is able to create and sustain the universe?  Nothing is too hard for God, so let Him shoulder it all while you exhale. 2.  Move. Walk, dance, bike, workout.  Whatever.  Just be active.  Exercise releases happy hormones and is the perfect outlet for stress. 3.  Take breaks. Shift your attention from the current pressures of work / family / school / etc.  Stress will not magically disappear on its own, so physically change your location for a few minutes. 4.  Laugh. It helps you relax and lower stress hormones.  Prevent burnout by watching funny videos or a funny show or connecting with friends and family. 5.  Focus on your gut. Stress can impact your brain's stress response as well as your intestinal flora.  Fight depression and boost your immune system by taking care of your gut.  Take a probiotic every day and eat foods God grows. Want more help?  I have stress-releasing workout videos, gut protecting recipes, and multiple resources on stress and self-care.  Enjoy a 7-day FREE trial to my Fit + Fresh Membership!   Go recharge!


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