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  • Debbie Baisden

I need a detox!

I frequently hear, "Deb, I need a detox! What do you recommend?"

Have you been there, feeling bloated and puffy from overdoing it? In case the rivers of queso have been raging, there is help!

But, I'm gonna be honest. Detoxes and cleanses, well, they just don't work. Dangit.

The lure of quick body change through detoxes or cleanses are all over the internet. They are often unsafe and can do more harm than good.

Any weight loss from a detox diet is likely from water, carb stores, and intestinal bulk. This weight returns HOURS after the detox ends!

Here are some problems with DETOXES and CLEANSES:

  • Protein deficient (which inhibits the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, ironically)

  • Extremely low calorie (a form of starvation)

  • Blood sugar swings (which can make people weak and dizzy)

  • GI tract dysfunction (digestion is slowed)(often it is veggie overload)

  • Expensive (your wallet is what’s really cleansed)

  • Not sustainable (it’s a diet)

  • Time consuming (following a program of rigid rules or laborious juicing)

  • Restrictive eating and deprivation (the natural consequence is overeating later on)

  • Gallbladder trouble, kidney stones, headaches (from nitrates which cause vasodilation)

  • Reduced effectiveness of the body’s NATURAL cleansing system

The truth is, your BODY is designed to detox for you through your:

  • Digestive tract

  • Kidneys

  • Skin

  • Lungs

  • Liver

  • Lymphatic system

  • Respiratory system

The best plan is to consistently eat well, move often, and rest much. Want the exact plan I recommend to my clients for the next five days? Grab my FREE 5-Day Plan with complete workouts, meal plan and grocery lists here.

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