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  • Debbie Baisden

Secret Sugar Bombs

"Pour some sugar on meeeee, when you need a little love." I love that song. Aren't we all sugar addicts on some level? While we may not snort the white stuff, we sure like things to be sweet and delicious. It's a contradiction within because as we crave the sugar high we loathe the sugar crash. We want to eat right but we often eat junk.

20 bucks says you want to eat healthier and feel better. But candy and desserts beckon, "I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head to my feet, yeah." We have GOT to resist!

Let's make a plan to get on the straight-and-narrow and reel in our sugar coma tendencies. Before you head to the store, you should be aware that many "healthy" foods are actually secret sugar bombs. Sugar is hiding in supposedly healthy foods. What the heck?!?

Here's a list of some foods that are loaded with more sugar than you may realize:

* protein bars and protein powders

* nut butters

* yogurts

* oatmeals

* fruits (natural and dried)

* drinks (sports drinks, juices, energy drinks, coffees, sodas)

* cereal

* many snacks

* fat-free products

* sauces

* granola bars

* soups

* bread

* pasta

* muffins & bagels

Yikes, that's an unfun list.

So what do you do? Be an alert consumer. Look for products that have a sugar content BELOW 15. Be aware of fake sugars that are toxic (sucralose, maltodextrin, maltitiol, aspartame, saccharin, dextrose, corn syrup, etc).

Here's my alternative to the list of sugar bombs:

* No Cow protein bars

* Mom Fuel protein powder

* lower sugar nut butters

* plain, dairy-free yogurts

* plain oats

* lower sugar fruits like berries, apples, pears

* water, green tea you brew, zevia or la croix on occasion, black coffee, juice you actually squeezed yourself

* no cereal

* homemade snacks that don't come in a box

* avoid fat-free labeled products

* lower sugar sauces do exist

* no granola bars (get No Cow protein bars instead)

* lower sugar soups or make your own

* no bread

* no pasta (try zucchini noodles)

* low-carb muffins you make yourself

* no bagels

Because of all the secret sugar bombs, I created my Fit + Fresh Membership with hundreds of fat-loss friendly recipes that taste delicious (without that extra sugar). Enjoy plenty of starchy carbs that actually benefit your waistline and land on the kitchen table in lightning speed!

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