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  • Debbie Baisden

1 Fat-Fighting Metabolism Booster!

”By our early 40s, most of us are losing muscle mass, at a rate of about 5 percent a decade, with the decline often precipitating a long slide toward frailty and dependence.” (G. Reynolds, New York Times, 2019) By the time we're about 65 we start to lose strength at 30% per decade. Ummmm, ​​​​​crap. Chances are, you are in between these ages and your metabolism is about to plummet. Gaining 10 pounds during perimenopause is typical.

NONE OF THIS HAS TO APPLY TO YOU!!!! That's the great news! Today you can stop losing muscle (and bone) and get stronger!​​​​ You have the power to boost your metabolism and fight fat!

The magic formula = lift challenging weights.

Notice I did not say cute 2 pound dumbbells. You are much stronger than that and have no time to waste.

Lifting challenging weights is THE shortcut to a faster metabolism and a lean body!​​​​​​​ ​​ Here's why we HAVE to lift weights as we age: 1. To keep and boost bone density.​​​​ Bye, osteoporosis. 2. To keep and build muscle mass (and reduce fat). ​​Did you know that 2/3 of American women over age 75 cannot lift 10 pounds? 3. To reduce your risk for heart disease...the #1 killer of females. 4. To relieve back pain. Build muscles that support the spine and reduce the pressure, viola! 5. To prevent injury. ​​Stronger tendons and ligaments + flexibility and mobility and balance = no broken hip at the retirement center. 6. To be happy. Lifting weights releases happy and relaxing hormones...without pills. 7. To energize. Fight fatigue without caffeine or carbs and maybe go repave your driveway. 8. To sleep better. Lifting weights is work that creates an energy deficit so you fall asleep and stay asleep. 9. To ​​​​​​ boost your brain. You'll improve cognition, attention, creativity, productivity, and memory. It's never too late to start. Today is your day to get weights in your hands. Stay safe, stay challenged.

And BE CONSISTENT!!!!!!! Start with once a week, then go for twice a week, and then maybe shoot for 3 days a week. You do not need to lift weights daily!!!

If you're unsure how to do what, I'm here for you. I have created a workout s​​​​​​​​chedule for you, a guide on how to know what size weights to lift, and how to make sure you're in the fat-burning zone once you slip on the sports bra! And I have metabolism-boosted workout videos that fight fat in less than 20 minutes! Get started today...for FREE!



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