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  • Debbie Baisden

The truth about “discipline”

I have some SERIOUS motivation for you today, so get excited!

It all starts with a time-tested truth from Aristotle …

“Through discipline comes freedom.”

It sounds backwards, right? Isn’t the idea of freedom to be FREE of discipline?

But it isn’t.

Example 1: if you want more free time, you have to be disciplined in the way you spend your time.

Example 2: If you want financial freedom, you have to be disciplined with how you handle your finances.

Basically, it’s about taking 100% ownership of your actions AND the results they bring you.

Your actions directly lead to your results – good, bad, and neutral!

When it comes to health and wellness goals, it’s your intentional daily actions that add up the most.

It’s your choice as to whether they take you in the direction of the results you want.

● You can choose to go for a walk or sit on the couch.

● You can choose to eat an apple or a cupcake for your afternoon snack.

● You can choose to stay up late binge-watching Netflix or go to bed to make sure you get 8 hours of sleep.

The best part about all of this is that YOU are the one who makes those decisions. This means YOU are the one who is 100% responsible and ultimately the one in control.

This does NOT mean beating yourself up if you choose actions that keep you where you are … or even move you further away from your goals.

Instead, it’s about OWNING your actions, regrouping if you’re not happy with the result, and restarting!

So, what decisions will YOU be making today?

If something is pulling at you to take that next step forward towards your goals, I’m here for you.

Together, we can come up with a plan that works for your life, your goals, and your unique needs.


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