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  • Debbie Baisden

My Beach Binge

My husband and I surprised the 4 kids with a trip to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day Weekend (we kept it a secret for months)! I love traveling, and I love being at the beach, don't you? We spent 4 days and 4 nights lounging in the sun, jumping waves, and sleeping in. One day I'd love to move to an island. In case you think i nibble on lettuce leaves while sunbathing, that would be a big fat no. Life is short, and I use vacations as a time to practice grace upon grace. It's about moderation, not deprivation. And I am a work in progress who still enjoys junk on occasion.

Want to know what I devoured one day? You know, because I’m a fitness-and-nutrition freak. Try and keep up, nkay?

  • Chips and queso

  • 1 Smirnoff Ice (think wine cooler)

  • 3 margaritas (they were tiny, promise)

  • Taco salad with cheese (ate half the shell)

  • A huge cookie sandwich (2 chocolate chip cookies with a melted chocolate bar in the middle)

That was just dinner.

  • Lunch was, my goodness, from Taco Bell (road trip):I ordered their power bowl which has some healthy elements to it. I even had sour cream and cheese on this massive protein salad (gasp).

  • Breakfast was a monster omelet with all the meats and all the veggies. And a biscuit with butter.

So it was a stellar day of eating perfectly, clearly. I will not wallow in guilt, shame, and regret. And neither should you! In case you’ve blown it lately with food, you’re never too far gone. Today has grace upon grace.

In case you're not really sure what to eat to quit blowing it with food, I have a bunch of easy, simple recipes that will keep you happily on track! Don't worry, I've included a weekly cheat meal so that you can splurge with your favorite indulgences! Check out all the yummy goodness HERE.


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