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  • Debbie Baisden

Avoid this at all costs

Controversial statement alert!

You’ve heard (probably many times) how important it is to focus on what you WANT.

And yes, it is important.

Your “want” is like the carrot on the end of the stick, motivating you forward.

👉 But it’s also important to acknowledge what you DON’T want.

Because that can also be a huge motivator.

Just a few examples…

     You don’t want to feel sluggish and blah

     You don’t want your knees and back to hurt every time you stand up from your desk

     You don’t want to get that “ugh” feeling in the dressing room when you’re trying on clothes at the store

     You don’t want to have to rely on someone to help move that couch to a new spot in the living room

Knowing what you DON’T want can help you set strong boundaries…

It can help spur you to take action…

AND it can actually help you move closer to what you DO want.

     You want to be lean, fit, and strong — with all the energy you need!

     You want to move pain-free and do the things you used to enjoy

     You want to feel good in (and out of!) your clothes

     You want to feel strong and capable

So today, identify at least one outcome you DO NOT WANT. And think about HOW you can make sure it doesn’t happen.

You’ve got this!

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