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  • Debbie Baisden

A Cool Trick That Helps My Cravings (and Marriage)!

In case you didn't know, I was widowed in 2012. It's as tough as you imagine. What an unexpected gift to have remarried a few years ago. I never expected to be married twice, but I certainly don't take marriage for granted! Love is a beautiful thing. It's really important for me to be faithful within my marriage. Duh, of course. It's a big deal. I want my marriage to be fruitful and protected. I never want even a remote hint of flirting or cheating. For me, it's not even okay to study guys.

What does this have to do with fitness or nutrition?!? Just hang tight. Here's a cool trick that helps my marriage that I had to share. Let's say I'm driving down the road and see a guy running down the sidewalk. Because I have eyes, I can tell he's shirtless and probably looks attractive. Here's what I will not do. I will not look twice at him. What I tell myself is "Eyes down." I don't want to entertain thoughts of, "Dang, look at that six pack!" I want to keep myself protected and safe from lusting after another man. So I remove the temptation....instead of pumpin' my breaks to stalk the hot guy. I feel happy and satisfied in my safe, insulated marriage. How does that apply to cravings?!? I use this exact same approach with my cravings. Here's what sucks. I love watching TV at night (any other fans of "The Office" out there?). What I don't love is alllllllllllllllll the commercials for food. Taco Bell. Doritos. Pizza. Ice cream. This is what the food industry is doing to us. They are tapping into our nightly cravings and forcing us to lust for Taco Bell, Doritos, pizza, and ice cream. It's easy to cave. We stay stuck in the cycle of cravings winning and us losing. So I take the same stance that I do on marriage. I don't want to look twice. I don't want to cheat on my man. I want to be faithful. I want to be loyal to my nutrition as well. I want to guard myself, knowing how human I am. Those chips....not worth it. EYES DOWN. I don't want to look twice. I don't want to ponder the taste of queso hitting my tongue. I don't want to be infatuated with donuts. I don't want Oreo obsession. And this applies to Pinterest (dang chocolate lava cakes). And this applies to Facebook (freakin potato cheese casseroles). And this applies to Instagram (seriously, with the beautifully lit cakes). Keep on scrolling. Don't look twice. Eyes down. This has dramatically reduced my cravings. Not even kidding. Temptations are so mental. I don't want to get busted with my hand in the cookie jar, whether we're talking marriage or nutrition. Because once we start, well, you know.

What's your stance on cravings? Is there a feeling of obsession? Of being stuck? Do you overindulge consistently? Are you allowing a bite or two of what you crave? Do you restrict yourself and feel deprived? If you feel you're in this cycle of lusting after food and giving in, over and over, what can you do differently? I gotta be honest. Cravings can be the downfall of a well-intentioned diet. We don't meet our goals. We don't get results. We feel discouraged. Right? "If I could just get a handle on this, I would be successful!" I'd love to help you get some distance from cravings. I know how you can enjoy the freedom that comes from a monogamous relationship with food! You can be truly satisfied!

I can't wait for you to experience what you CAN enjoy!


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