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  • Debbie Baisden

22 Non-Food Rewards

It's so easy to reward ourselves with food and drink but is that really the healthiest way? You are not a dog so stop rewarding yourself this way! Here is a list of 22 better alternatives to celebrating your successes!

1. New workout clothes (bras, socks, leggings, tanks, shoes)

2. New workout equipment (weights, medicine ball, jump rope, gloves, etc)

3. New workout music (buy a song or an album from iTunes)

4. New headphones for your new music so you can jam out and tune out others

5. Nap or sleep

6. Home spa day (bubble bath, nails, foam roller)

7. Spa or salon experience (massage, nails, hair)

8. Massage (go for deep tissue!)

9. Donate your big clothes to charity

10. Take a vacation day from work and do whatever you want

11. Go see a movie (or rent one at home)

12. Subscribe to a fitness or food magazine

13. Sign up for a 5k and walk for charity

14. New sunglasses

15. Take a cooking class

16. Get a dog (new friend and new walking buddy)

17. Try a new experience (sky diving anyone?)

18. Spend quality time with someone you like

19. Attend a concert, enjoy a museum, scream at an amusement park

20. Book a photo shoot to show off your hard work

21. $1 jar. Ever reward you've earned equals a one dollar bill in a jar. Use the money for whatever you choose once you hit a predetermined total.

22. Write a thank-you letter to anyone who has helped you along your journey! It will mean the world to them!

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