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  • Debbie Baisden

46 Lines About Myself

It’s my first blog post on my brand spankin’ new website! Holla! I am over the moon excited to share so much goodness with you.

Shall I introduce myself? It seems the polite thing to do. I’m a down-to-earth girl who wanted to be a school teacher ever since I exited the womb. I put my mind to it, got a degree from Appalachian State, and printed more worksheets than any fourth grader could handle.

It was short gig as I became a baby-maker with my husband Aaron.

We had 4 boys in 4 years (you’re wondering if I have twins…yes). It is everything you think it is. I remember the days of a 16 month old hobbling on his cast from his broken leg while breastfeeding his 5 day old little brother.

I remember potty-training twins by taking each one to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I have made more emergency room visits for broken bones, split tongues, rocks in noses than I care to recall. One kid managed to roll the ice cream truck down the street; at age 4. One son asked me if God has teeth. Another child already has his bride and wedding cake picked out. And one of those boys informed very early on that he is allergic to girls.

My life in stay-at-home mom suburbia flipped upside down in 2012. My husband Aaron died unexpectedly. Every single time I type that I just freeze. It blindsides me and seems unreal. My children were 8, 7, 4, and 4 when their lives were forever changed. Words fall short here.

God is so good. He has always been active and present for us. He gave me an independent nature early on in life (ask my siblings who I regularly informed, “You’re not my boss!”). And our family, our smaller family, put one foot in front of the other. Through shock, denial, sadness, and confusion, our God continues to prove we are able because of Him.

And so. Chapter 2 commences. That’s how I call my life. It did not end when Aaron’s did. Yet it shifted so greatly that my life almost seems to have a sequel. Now granted the title of Breadwinner, I decided to play eenie meenie minie moe with what I wanted to be when I grew up. After having 4 kids I decided I don’t really like children. I obviously love and like my own, but the thought of going back to the classroom seemed like a punishment.

My friend Emily had been teaching me to eat better and exercise smarter so that the seams on my pants would not grow weary. Funny how I sum up months and months and months of evolution into that one sentence. She changed my life and has continued to do so. Because of her, I rehabbed my way out of Lucky Charms menu and convinced myself that sweat has benefits.

Long story short, I decided to take the yellow brick road to the land of Fitness & Nutrition. What a great fit! I get the privilege of helping people look and feel their best! Seeing people’s confidence soar as they lift heavier weights and drop a dress size, well, it’s like being a florist who delivers flowers all day! It is so amazing that God has allowed me to do something that fits my strengths, stretches my weaknesses, and conforms to my personality so well.

My life in Chapter 2 is bittersweet because though my sons and I are sad missing Aaron, we have the unique ability to appreciate the here and now. Life really is short. I know my late husband is in heaven and having a blast. And my children have a much richer knowledge of their Maker as they anticipate quite a reunion one day.

I am a widow-turned-newlywed as I married a sweet guy (I call him The Hulk because I love squeezing his arm muscles) the summer of 2014. We go way back; back to Chapter 1 of my life. He is an amazing guy who I just flat-out adore and love immensely. He dove right into our prepackaged family and is everything I could want in a man.

Enough about me! I think I got bored just rereading this, so that’s a sign to just stop writing, right?

I am over the moon that you are here. That you’re reading this. And I would love nothing more than to help you on your health journey (well, that may be a lie. I really want to nap. But you’re a close 2nd!)!

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