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  • Debbie Baisden

15 Ways to Save $$$ on Groceries

My husband and I often joke about finding buried treasure one day so that we become instantly filthy rich. When that day comes, I'm going to get a yacht, a house on an island, weekly massages, and a chef! Until we become millionaires, we gotta live on a budget. And there is no reason that food should be a crazy high expense for us each month! I've uncovered a lot of ways to save cash every time you grab groceries​​​​!

​​Here's a straight to the point list of 15 ways you can save big on groceries:

1. Buy generic instead of name brand. 2. Grow your own food. 3. Buy ingredients instead of pre-made meals.​​ 4. Remember that by buying healthy now you won't spend thousands on prescriptions later.​​ Some items are worth a few extra dollars. 5. ​​Learn which stores have lower prices. 6. Shop sales, and stockpile on staples. 7. Be careful with coupons. You may end up spending more or buying unnecessary items. 8. ​​​​​​Buy in bulk. 9. Remember that home-cooked meals are cheaper than restaurant meals. 10. Buy frozen or canned foods if you want. 11. ​​​​​​Buy seasonal produce. Freeze extras for later. 12. Shop once a week instead of every few days. 13. Don't shop hungry. 14. Use my Fit + Fresh grocery list and stick to it! 15. Those with meal plans (like my Fit + Fresh Menu) save more compared to those who randomly grab a variety of foods. ​​ ​​ I wanna hear from YOU! What are your grocery shopping hacks? Send me an email so I can add to the list! Happy Shopping!​​​​


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