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  • Debbie Baisden

What’s your food formula?

Last Sunday our family watched the Super Bowl. At one point my son Joshy looked at me and said, "You really don't understand football, do you? You should look for a YouTube video to help you learn the basics."

I had to laugh because he's right. I just don't get it. As I look at the TV screen, all I see is guys running around (though I do get what a touchdown is).

For whatever reason, I just don't get all the rules of sports. During my twins' basketball games I cheer a lot but I'm equally clueless. My kind husband, Jason, always tries to teach me what's happening by my eyes glaze over as I nod and smile.

Listen. One thing I *do* get is how to keep meals SIMPLE so you can stay on track! Because a lot of times we're led to believe that the more complicated and "fancy" our nutrition is, the better. That just leads to a sea of overwhelm and confusion, right?

Here’s how to keep it simple:

Eat foods God grows.

Eat foods in their most natural form.

Eat foods that don't come from boxes or bags.

When coming up with your "food formula" that works for you, include meals that:

1. you love,

2. are simple and easy to throw together, and

3. align with your health goals

And simply rotate meals that follow that formula throughout the week.

You do NOT have to reinvent gourmet meals every time you sit down to eat … or constantly come up with new ideas every day.

Having a go-to formula works in several different ways:

● It simplifies your shopping and food prep.

● It removes “decision fatigue,” which can happen when you’re forced to make choices all day long. The more decisions you make, the harder it becomes to make good ones!

● It helps stop that overwhelmed feeling you can get when you’re wondering whether your choices are “right” or “wrong” or “good” or “bad.”

● It saves you time and energy and can actually help you stay on track.

This works whether you’re prepping meals for yourself or a houseful of picky eaters.

Personally, it’s SUCH a relief NOT to have the “what’s for dinner” question hanging over my head every day.

Do you have a list of go-to recipes that you eat on a regular basis?

What are some of your favorites? I wanna hear, so share them in our "Fit With Deb Girls" Facebook group!

If you would like some more ideas for healthy meals, be sure to check out our Fit + Fresh Membership for FREE!!!! It's where I house ALL of my menu plans, recipes, and printable grocery lists! It takes all the planning out of meal planning, so all you do is shop and cook!


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