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  • Debbie Baisden


I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND with the SNACK you NEED in your life!!!!

It's so freaking good, I literally just had 2 massive servings. I am hooked!

It is healthy.

It takes 5 seconds.

It's 4 ingredients.

It's low/no carb.

I almost licked the bowl, not even lying.

I love sharing healthy recipes in both Fit + Fresh as well as my challenge groups.  If you've never been a part of either, you really are missing out.

The fat-loss lifestyle SHOULD be ENJOYABLE, SATISFYING, and SIMPLE.  If that's not how you would describe your nutrition situation, well, you're doing it wrong

You're not going to believe that this is AMAZING. 

You WILL think I'm lying or that I have "off" taste buds.

Just try it.  It's LIFE CHANGING.

I found the inspiration from TikTok (by the way, I have an account there of ALL my workout videos, so let's connect).  I modified her recipe to make it dairy-free.


You're going to make homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch. . .


Dairy-free milk of choice (I used coconut)

Cinnamon (measure with your heart, but be liberal)

Swerve sweetener (zero sugar spike) (you can use monk fruit instead)

Unflavored, regular Pork Rinds (yes, I'm serious) (no, it won't taste swine-y)



Put it all in a bowl . . . pork rinds, then milk, then cinnamon and sweetener. Stir it up.  Live your best life.

I promise it doesn't taste like pork!  I was so nervous to try it.  After the first bite, SOLD.  I inhaled it all, drank the leftover sweet cinnamon milk, and made another serving immediately.

So get your ingredients, because I know good and well you don't have pork rinds in your house right now.  You won't regret it.

Like I mentioned, I always share amazing hacks, tricks, tips, and secrets for the ENJOYING the fat-loss lifestyle without deprivation or restriction. 


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