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  • Debbie Baisden

how to combat cellulite

Most women have cellulite.  Do you?  I have plenty, from my hips to my knees.  I'll be really honest, I don't love it.  Yeah, I love my body, but it's not my favorite.   I like to joke about my "gunshot wounds" and that I've been "sitting on a gravel driveway." So is there a CURE for cellulite?

Let me back up.  What IS cellulite?  It's fat and collagen fibers.  And unlike men (who rarely have cellulite), women have vertical collagen fibers.  Picture fat packed inside collagen pockets.  That's how we get that lumpy, bumpy effect. Here's the bad news first, sorry. There is no cure.  Sigh.  And a lot of it is genetic.  Bleh. BUT. There are ways to lessen the appearance of cellulite, woohoo, and they actually help you to feel healthier too!

Here is what research says to do (and you have to be consistent):

  • use collagen daily (a great source is using Mom Fuel protein powder daily since collagen is already included)

  • drink a ton of water​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ daily (6 cups is not going to cut it)

  • try creams and oils daily (twice a day if you can) (I've tried plenty, so email me if you want the list)

  • try contrast hydrotherapy (that's hot and cold water therapies) and/or hot baths/sauna

  • foam roll and/or get deep massage regularly to smooth your skin (you can get a lumpy foam roller from Amazon since those promote circulation more than smooth ones -- GRID seems to have the best reviews)  ​​​​​​​​​​

But the TOP 2 WAYS TO COMBAT CELLULITE: 1.  Lift challenging weights and walk -- consistently.  Aerobics and the elliptical won't cut it.  When we strength train, we burn fat.  And remember, we are dealing with fat packed inside collagen pockets so we want the fat to leave.  In my Fit + Fresh Membership, you can access a ton of cellulite-minimizing workouts that are 20 minutes or less! 2.​​​​​  Eat high quality, low carb foods -- consistently.  I know, it's the hardest part.  But if you eat poorly, the cellulite will be more pronounced.  So even if you're doing all the water, creams, and treatments, but you're not eating foods God grows, you are going to have the cellulite in full effect.  In my Fit + Fresh Membership, I have hundreds of fat-burning recipes that taste amazing and land on your plate in minutes!

I think having cellulite keeps us humble.  And that is a GREAT quality in a woman.  It prevents pride and keeps us striving in our health journey!  I hope these tips help! ​​


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