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  • Debbie Baisden

My doctor told me I gained weight

At my last doctor's appointment (I see a functional doctor, and you should too), my integrative doctor mentioned that I had gained weight since I'd seen him 3 months before.

No woman adores hearing these words. 

But I actually appreciated the honest truth and took it to heart. It was a defining moment that pointed out my abuse of grace and even self-sabotage.

Like you, I know how to be healthy but don't always do it.

I sat on this information for a few days or weeks, to be honest.  I needed to think through my approach.  If you known me, you know that I have done dumb diets in my life and that is not for me ever again.  I marinated on my action plan.

My goals: make it easy, make it effective, make it sustainable.

No deprivation.  No restriction.  No starvation.  No complication. 

I have to be able to do it on my busiest of days (and my days, like yours, are saturated).

Real talk, I already had a string of important habits in place:  water, workouts, sleep (sort of).  That meant I would focus on 2 things:  movement (not exercise) and food.

I set a higher daily steps goal (you know I walk stairs every day, right?) and have met it nearly every day.  It's a freaking game changer, no lie.  You gotta move more.  Seriously.   Not workout more or sweat more, just be active.  It melts off inches.

I started eating with intention.  No mindless eating ever ever ever.  I would pause before opening my mouth.  I increased my protein at every meal, had breakfast within 1 hour of waking (and BEFORE a sip of coffee), only had a snack if I was actually hungry, and changed my nighttime eating.  Every night, I have 1 piece of Unreal chocolate and a Crave hot cocoa.  I still have my weekly splurge of pizza and dessert, and I still have drinks on date nights.  I like to think of nutrition like a financial budget.  My weekdays are tighter than my weekends . . . but I monitor it all to make sure it works.

I measured consistently to make sure that what I was doing was effective (and already knew it was easy and sustainable).  My energy has been level as I've stayed encouraged.

I measure 2 places on my waist, my hips, and my thighs.  In those 4 places, in 4 weeks I lost a total of 6 inches.  I don't say that to brag, I say that because it's data. The changes I've made work; if my body was not responding, well, I'd need different tactics.

Maybe you KNOW what to do.  Maybe you do not.

Maybe you are *DOING" the things that make you strong, lean, and on track.  Maybe you are not.

My doctor's words have enhanced my life.  My husband notices and my pants notice too.    

Change is possible.  It does take some grit, some self-control, some inner drive, but it's possible. 

I'm not dwelling on the weight gain I allowed.  I'm human.  But I'm far too stubborn to let those pounds creep higher and higher each year, spiraling out of control and acting like I'm a victim.

Let's not be victims.  No excuses.  No empty promises.  No denying reality.

Acknowledge the loopholes you've created / allowed, then reach out to me so we can go from goals to RESULTS.

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