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  • Debbie Baisden

Keep your goals FUN

Right now I have a fun assignment for you. It’s to think of 3 fitness or health-related things you’d love to do by the end of the year. They should be enjoyable or something you’d love to be able to say, “I did that!”

Think of it as your 2022 Bucket List!

I’m going to share mine in just a minute, but here’s something that’s really interesting:

Your brain is actually hardwired to like new, fun, and different things!

When you try something new – or take up a new challenge – it fires up the “feel good” part of your brain.

This is a pretty cool hack to keep up your excitement and motivation for your healthy habits.

If you intentionally seek out fun challenges – even if they are solo goals you’re pursuing for yourself, like lifting a certain amount of weight, doing pull-ups, or eating a different protein-based meal every night for a week – it can keep your routine fresh and interesting!

So … have you been excited lately about anything fun, challenging, or different?

Looking for a few ideas? Here are just a few off the top of my head:

● Try hiking if you’ve never done it before – and if you have, what new trail(s) can you conquer?

● Do a recipe challenge where you cook 2-3 new meals (from scratch) every week.

● Learn to swim, golf, ski, bodyboard, or how to play tennis

● Be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes

● Be able to do 10 full-body push-ups

● Challenge yourself to one week without any added sugar

● Do your first box jump

● Praying every day for one month and journal your progress

● Set a daily activity goal for a week or month, and use your fitness tracker to chart your success

● Go on an active date every week: bowling, geocaching, bowling, even ax throwing!

● Take a cooking class

The list of ideas is endless!

The whole point is to try NEW, FUN things that support a healthy lifestyle.

And I didn’t forget! As promised… here’s what’s on my bucket list goals for the rest of this year:

I'm working on pistol squats, which are crazy difficult, by practicing my single leg squats every week with the goal of getting lower each week. In addition, I'm focusing on strengthening my core in order to reduce persistent back pain.

If you’ve got something you’re going to work toward, be sure to let me know about it! I love helping you create meaningful goals that become a reality!


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