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  • Debbie Baisden

15 Favorite Kitchen Products

Abs are made in the kitchen, right? Since you can't outrun your fork you might as well enjoy your time in this room of your home! I've created my top 15 must-haves in my kitchen in order to do my thing! These are inexpensive items (well, other than the blender) that I use on repeat throughout the week. You can find them in stores as well as online. And I'd love to hear what your favorite kitchen products are too!


  1. Mini whisk (for making homemade hot cocoa)

  2. High quality blender (I have a Ninja; Vitamix is expensive but worth it)

  3. Roaster oven (bigger than a crock pot for bigger meal prep)

  4. Air fryer (bigger is better)

  5. Silicone muffin pan (easy clean up, muffins pop out; buy 3 for meal prep)

  6. Green pan (toxic-free ceramic pans)

  7. Momsanity Shaker bottle (for protein shakes)

  8. Veggetti (vegetable spiralizer)

  9. Griddle (cook protein pancakes in bulk)

  10. Skewers (either wooden consumable or metal, for grilling)

  11. Broiler pan (for baking bacon in oven)

  12. Momsanity Frother (for fancy coffees and hot cocoas)

  13. Matching storage containers (when preparing food in bulk, you need containers with matching lids to make things convenient to store and transport)

  14. Kitchen Scissors (for quick meat/veggie/etc cutting in meal prep)

  15. Plastic popsicle mold (freeze protein shakes and BCAAs for “dessert”)

I keep my meals very simple and easy so I can spend more time on the couch! For recipes and a meal plan each month, check out my Fit & Fresh program.

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