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  • Debbie Baisden


You know those nights when you slip into bed and the sheets feel soooo good?


Your body is tired, your mind is calm, and you’re perfectly set up for a great night of zzz's.


It’s the best!


And then there are those nights you go to bed and just can’t get comfortable.


Your muscles are tight from sitting all day, and your mind can’t seem to settle down.


It seems to take FOREVER to fall asleep and when you finally drift off, you toss and turn all night long.


Ugh. Not fun.


Here’s the difference:


The nights you fall asleep easily usually follow the days you did something to EARN that sleep.


When you think about sleep that way, it makes it a whole lot easier to set yourself up for sleep success!


If you don’t make it a point to be physically active — and/or you sit in front of a screen for most of the day — you’re making it harder for your body to get into a good sleep groove.


Here’s how to earn that sleep:


     Be active during the day.

Regular exercise doesn't just boost your health, it sets the stage for deeper sleep. Hit the gym, take a brisk walk, and/or find a reason to move — your body will thank you at bedtime.

     Train your brain.

Make it a habit to do activities that give you a mental challenge.

     Release tension.

Help ease stress and work out muscle tension with sex, a bath, foam rolling, stretching, or mobility work.

     Eat well.

Give your body the right nutrition and plenty of water during the day to keep it functioning at its best.

     Go outside.

Natural light and fresh air can improve and help lock in your sleep cycle.


If you’re looking at this list thinking, “But I’m too tired to do all of that!”, I can help you find the best place to start.


In my upcoming challenge (which will open soon), we'll work to create a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle.


It doesn’t have to be complicated…


It just has to be consistent!


Here's to getting you feeling happy, healthy, and energized!


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