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  • Debbie Baisden

Nighttime snacking and junk food addiction

Let’s talk about ONE BIG AREA that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to cleaning up their nutrition – NIGHTTIME SNACKING!

Have you heard of “ultra-processed foods”?

That’s the new buzzword for packaged snacks, pizza, and basically anything with a lot of added sugar, fat, salt, or other ingredients to make them tastier and more appealing.

These foods can actually trigger an addiction-like response in your brain, making you crave them.

AND … it goes without saying these foods aren’t at ALL helpful to any health or fitness goals you have.

Maybe by day you are exercising, drinking more water, eating clean meals, and feeling GREAT.

But then every night when you finish cleaning up after dinner, you get a massive craving for those ultra-processed foods (even though you are not hungry) …. and every night you give in.

How can you end the cycle of nighttime snacking?

I'd suggest you change up your evening habits to help break the snacking cycle.

Maybe at night you tackle a home organization project and then go to bed early – and stay away from the couch and the TV (the trigger), which is where the snacking happens.

This way you remove an automatic cue (TV + couch) to grab those junk foods.

Sometimes in order to break a habit loop, you have to (at least temporarily) remove the triggers that cause the habit to happen.

It’s a great tip straight out of the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

Do you have a time of day when it’s harder to meet your nutritional/fitness goals? You don’t always have to rely on willpower – a little brainstorming can help you find a solution that’s a LOT easier!

If you want expert guidance with this in your own life …. a few simple tweaks can lead to GIANT results.

P.S. I'm all about helping clients create simple (but life-changing) habits to achieve REAL results. Be sure to check out Fit + Fresh Membership, which is yours for FREE right now! Head HERE for the free details!


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