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  • Debbie Baisden

How to meal prep if you hate leftovers

A lot of people tell me one of the reasons they don’t meal prep is because either they or someone in their home won’t eat leftovers.


But guess what? It’s still possible to get all of the time-saving and stress-busting benefits of meal prepping WITHOUT having to eat last night’s dinner!

Here’s how: instead of cooking entire meals in advance, you cook and/or prep your INGREDIENTS ahead of time.

● Proteins

● Carbs like rice, quinoa, etc.

● Pre-chop your veggies

Then, just before it’s time to eat, just assemble the meal from your prepped ingredients.

Some ideas:

● You could poach chicken breasts, brown turkey or roast a chicken.

● Bake some sweet potatoes, steam some rice, or prep some quinoa.

● Chop onions, dice carrots, or slice peppers (you know I buy precut veggies to save time)

Having everything prepped and on standby makes throwing together a balanced meal fast and easy.

“Cooking is easy. All you have to do is make sure all of the ingredients taste good. If they all taste good, then your meal will taste good.”

You could create a taco or burrito bowl, make a stir fry, assemble a casserole, or even create one of my personal go-to meals when I’m busy: the Anything Bowl!

The Anything Bowl is definitely NOT gourmet but it is delicious.

All you do is combine a portion each of protein, starchy carbs, and vegetables in a bowl, and (this is the key) top it with your favorite healthy sauce or seasoning.

You could add guacamole, sriracha, low-sugar barbecue sauce, or coconut aminos. Heat it up, and voila! It’s time to eat.

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