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  • Debbie Baisden

A big reason to do less

When it comes to reaching your goals, sometimes it helps to do LESS.


Sure having a sense of urgency can help us reach our goals, but our downtime is where a lot of the magic happens.

It’s a lot like building muscle, right?


We need to exercise and challenge our muscles so we can stimulate growth...


But it's during our rest days when our muscles repair, recover, and get stronger.


As it turns out, our brain works the same way!


It’s great to stimulate and challenge ourselves — but doing less can actually help your brain be more creative and learn new skills.


But here’s the thing…

Downtime does NOT mean:


     Scrolling through your phone

     Binge watching TV

     Or even doing a puzzle or reading!


Instead, downtime DOES mean:


     Vacuuming (exciting, I know)

     Going for a walk (without music or a podcast)

     Sitting on the couch and daydreaming


Or any other mindless activity!


The reason is that mindless activities activate your brain’s “default mode network”, which is linked to things like creativity, memories, your sense of “self,” and even ethics.


It’s why when you get stuck on a problem and finally drop it to do something else, the answer pops into your head!


Here are 5 ways to tap into your brain’s “default mode” more often:

  1. Schedule a few minutes a day to just BE, even if it’s sitting quietly and letting your mind wander or going for a 5-minute walk.

  2. Spend time praying.

  3. Notice your surroundings — take note of what colors you see, what sounds you hear, how it feels to sit in your chair, etc.

  4. Create a designated “worry” time to focus on any issues going on so they don’t seep into the rest of your day.

  5. Know it will get easier the more you practice! We’re more distracted and overstimulated than ever before, and it can take some time to start feeling comfortable with doing less and letting your mind wander.


It’s all about finding balance…


Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out.


The good news is, that’s where I can help.


I help busy women just like you find strategies that allow you to prioritize your health again— whether that means incorporating more downtime into your schedule, adopting healthier eating habits, or creating a fitness routine that works for you.


We'll work together to identify the areas where you need support and develop a plan to help you achieve YOUR wellness goals.


Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life?


Let's make your health a priority again!



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