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  • Debbie Baisden

8 reasons to workout that AREN’T weight loss

We usually associate cardio with lifting your spirits, but it turns out strength training is also a MAJOR mood and mental health booster.

Studies show that strength training can help with:

● Less anxiety

● Lower depression

● Sharper thinking

● Better memory

● More energy & less chronic fatigue

● Better sleep

● More confidence and self-esteem

● Plus an even longer list of physical health benefits

Still, if you’ve never tried strength training before, getting started can seem a little intimidating. That’s why in Fit + Fresh I make strength training simple.

It’s the perfect way to get those results — even if you are busy, tired, or unmotivated. Check out Fit + Fresh for FREE here <<

I'd love to be part of your health/fitness journey!

P.S. Check out Fit + Fresh for FREE! It's where I keep all my workout videos, recipes, and fat-loss resources for busy women like you!


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