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  • Debbie Baisden

Stress-Busting Workout

I'm gonna be super honest with you that right now I am not winning any trophies in the motherhood arena today. I am short-fused, impatient, bombarded constantly, and about to lose my mind.

Being a mom is hard.

Working for money is hard.

Adulting is hard.

So I have some options:

1. Make a reservation for the funny farm.

2. Turn to food for comfort (well, dang, I already tried that 15 minutes ago and now I'm even more irritable because of those freaking Cheat Night Oreos).

3. Get on the local news for acting like a complete fool because of stress.

4. Exercise.

That's right, I just said to workout to work out frustration, stress, and overload. It may not be your typical go-to when you feel overwhelmed, but it certainly is one that doesn't lead to jail time, bigger thighs, or having to apologize to anyone. Am I right?

So here's my Public Service Announcement: GO EXERCISE. Because, chances are, you are pretty stressed out and you need it to exit before you implode. And I promise you will feel so much better after. You'll feel accomplished, empowered, even euphoric.

Here's your anti-stress workout right now, no equipment required. Feel free to blare your favorite tunes. Feel free to cry or shout or grunt. Do not stop until there is boob sweat aplenty, okay?

Each move is done for 60 seconds. Rest as needed. Don't die.

Do 4 rounds of this madness:

1. Punching Squats

2. Fast Push-Ups

3. Burpees (that's right, burpees...don't argue with me right now)

4. Tricep Dips

5. Jumping Lunges

Let me know if you're alive at the end, okay? I'm proud of you.

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