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  • Debbie Baisden

Are you a Slave to the Scale?

I hear it week after week. Women who want to lose 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds. Are you one of them? I'm not judging you if you are, by the way.

My question is this: why?

Why do you want to lose 12 pounds? Would 11 be good enough? Would 13 be too many? What is so magical about the number you want to see on the scale?

I want to challenge you to really do some heart work here and keep asking yourself WHY this number holds so much power. Does it go back to childhood? Did someone call you fat years ago and the hurt is still fresh? Is there an upcoming event that you're trying to slim down for?

I think if we are really unfiltered in our answer, we want to feel sexy / pretty / confident / skinny. But why? For some, it's to have energy to play with grandkids. For others, it's to prevent diseases that run in the family. For some, it's to not be embarrassed at the next reunion. For some, a number is associated with arriving at true happiness. Just be honest in what your very real, very specific reason is.

I hate the scale. It's a form of self-inflicted torture. Getting weighed at the doctor's office is awful. I don't want to know my number. I don't want it to have that kind of power over my mood. I think it's an outdated tool that should be tossed in the trash.

Here are the facts about the scale:

It only measures your relationship with gravity in that instant.

It cannot differentiate between fat, water, muscle, or bone density.

The scale cannot measure your endurance, flexibility, speed, or energy.

It doesn't assess your beauty, sexiness, worth, or kindness.

The scale cannot know your talent, humor, purpose, love, or potential.

It can't offer joy or peace.

It does not know your resilience, bravery, selflessness, perseverance, generosity, or wisdom.

We gain a pound....we're failures and deserve punishment.

We lose a pound...we celebrate for now, but know that it may return.

Let's end that vicious cycle. I dare you, I challenge you, to put that device in the dumpster.

I still want you to measure progress! I think there are many ways to assess if you're moving toward or away from your goals.

* See how your clothes fit.

* Use a tape measure to see the sizes of your various body parts.

* Stand naked in front of a mirror.

* Monitor your hunger, energy, and cravings.

* Assess how much you stress and how much you sleep.

* Rate your overall mood and self-care.

These are indicators of success! Are you ready to say adios to the scale?

Need help breaking up with this machine of torture? I'm here for you! Send me a message at today!

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