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  • Debbie Baisden


You CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet, right? So how do we break up with the gross, overly processed foods?

Step #1: BE AWARE of your cravings, so you can 1) notice patterns and 2) feel more in control of them.

Step #2: BE PREPARED. Like a Girl Scout.

If you know that you start craving salty/sweet/crunchy food every time you crash on the couch at night after a long day, BE PREPARED.

If you know that every afternoon you start having visions of chocolate chip cookies dancing in your head, BE PREPARED.

If you always associate eating beer and wings with watching TV on the weekends, BE PREPARED.

What “being prepared” looks like will depend on you and your situation.

But it can include these two simple tactics:

Find a diversion. Focus your attention on something else. So, for example, work on a hobby instead of watching TV. Take a bubble bath instead of searching for chocolate. Use your massage gun on those sore muscles instead of diving into the chip bag.

Have a healthier option on-hand: frozen fruit, carrot/celery sticks, fresh berries topped plus dairy-free whipped topping, Crave hot cocoa, homemade air fryer wings. Make sure it’s ready to go.

It only takes a few days of making the switch for cravings to start going away. (REALLY.)

And also for you to start noticing changes in your energy, your sleep, and your results!

It’s all about being intentional about what you put into your body … and not letting the “automatic” habits take over and derail you from your goals!

It’s a lot easier than you think.

Here at Fit With Deb, we focus on simple changes that bring big results.


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